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Posted on Mar 2, 2016

4 Easy Ways to Protect a Loving Heart

Using Shamanic Protection Tools to Shield Your Golden Light

Having a Loving Heart is a Blessing from the Divine. Some cynics may call you naive, too-Trusting or overly sensitive, but in Truth, it is a trait of an empath.

Do you find yourself absorbing other people’s moods? When a friend or colleague asks you for help in a troubling situation, do you feel their emotions as if they are your own? When you watch the news, do you feel deeply affected by the tragedies on the television? If so, you are not alone. You are one of many Special Souls who have a Pure, Loving HLoving Hearteart.

Here’s the Great news: Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song has created Spiritual Protection Tools just for you!

Here are 4 Sacred Tools and actionable steps you can use to Protect the Divine Golden Light within your Heart from the negative energies that bombard us on a daily basis. They are simple, easy techniques for you to incorporate in your everyday Life.

1. Saturate your Energy field with Sacred Mantras and Chants

One of our favorite Sacred Tools is Peace Mother’s Mantras and Chants. She has created a collection for you that will help build a Shield around your Loving Heart, even in the darkest of times.

For a sample, view Peace Mother’s YouTube video here: and experience the immediate lifting of your Spirit as She chants “JAI JAI MAAA!”, while emanating Strength and Protection directly to your Soul.

2. Shield your Self with Blessed Meditation Shawls

To help keep the dark forces at bay and prevent them from latching onto your Golden Body Temple, Peace Mother has a line of Blessed Meditation Shawls which come in a variety of Vibrant, Uplifting colors from which to choose. They will help keep your head, neck, shoulders and upper body shielded from unwanted energy during your work, your travels, and your Spiritual Work and Practices.

3. Smudge with Sacred Incense and Resins

To help clear any negative energies out from your home, smudging is a vital Protection Tool. Most people have heard of using Sacred Incense to psychically Clear and Protect their space. In the Impeccable Warrior of Light Shaman’s store, we offer Blessed White Copal, a tree resin Sacred to the Mayan Tradition. Copal releases a white smoke when burned over charcoal tablets and refreSmudging for Spiritual Protectionshes the atmosphere by welcoming the Celestial Legions of Light into your area. Copal can raise the frequency of your space and your Aura, and its Protective effects spread even beyond the walls of your space.

Once lit, Sacred Incense emits a Power-full cleansing smoke. Walking around your home, chanting “JAI JAI MAAA!” or other Sacred Mantras as you burn Sacred Incense and Resins is an Ecstatic act, leaving your Sacred Space purified and open for all your Positive Energy to shine.

4. Use the Blessed Shamanic Healing Rattle to Protect Your Loving Heart

In combination with the Sacred Incense, the Blessed Shamanic Healing Rattle is another eHealing Rattle for Spiritual Protectionffective and Power-full Tool in dissolving negativity. These potent Shamanic Tools are made from the nut casing of the Ayayote (Chayayote) tree and are traditionally used by Aztec dancers and Healers in Shamanic Ceremonies and Rituals.

Our Blessed Rattles carry a unique Sacred Sound that sparks Light in your Spirit and simultaneously dissipates harm-full energies.

Peace Mother uses these Blessed Rattles in Her Healing Work, Shamanic Training programs and throughout Sacred Ceremonies to dispel dark forces and amplify Love and Light wherever She goes. Each Shamanic Healing Rattle is Blessed by Peace Mother, making them one-of-a-kind Sacred Tools for every Luminous Being to use.

These are just a few of many Spiritual Protection Tools created by Peace Mother to help you Protect your Loving Heart.

Share this Golden message with your Loved ones so they too can shield themselves from dark forces and remain steady in the Light!


In Loving service,

The Global Peace Team
On behalf of Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song

*Beauty-full cover artwork thanks to Maryam Morrison