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Posted on Mar 4, 2016

5 Power-packed Tools to Raise your Vibration

To live as an Impeccable Warrior of Light, maintaining a Strong and elevated vibration is of the utmost importance. As Impeccable Warriors of Light, we must recognize the vibrational nature of our inner being and of our entire world.

As Peace Mother teaches us: everything is vibration! From your thoughts to your body, it’s all vibration!

We’ve selected 5 essential tools for raising, maintaining and cleansing your vibration. Each of these Sacred Tools is practical and suitable for daily use.

  1. Shamanic Healing Rattles

A favorite vibrational tool on the Impeccable Warrior of Light Path, Shamanic Healing Rattles are potent Sacred Tools used for centuries by the Indigenous people of the world. The Shamanic Healing Rattle produces the perfect pitch for cleansing any dense or blocked energy, paving the way for smooth and rapid Healing! The Holy Mother uses Blessed Shamanic Healing Rattles in Her Holy Shaktipat Limpia sessions because they produce a Beauty-full Healing Sound while disintegrating negative energy that may be lodged in a person’s energetic field. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use and Mighty cleansing tool, Shamanic Healing Rattles are the one for you!

  1. Prayer Beads

The perfect companion for anyone who loves to chant, Prayer Beads offer you steadraise your vibrationy support as your chant your favorite Mantras. As you pass the Prayer Beads through your hands with each utterance of a Sacred Chant, you infuse the Prayer Beads with the vibrational essence of the Chant. With a fully charged set of Prayer Beads, you can wear them throughout the day to further saturate yourself in the vibration of your favorite Chant. Prayer Beads help you maintain an elevated, Golden Vibration wherever you go!

  1. Sacred Smudge

Mayan White Copal Blue slip Color EditSmudging is a long-standing vibrationally-cleansing practice. While sage is a popular smudging agent, white copal, an Impeccable Warrior of Light favorite, is also a Power-full ally in raising your vibration. Copal is a tree resin that can be burned over charcoal tablets to produce a white smoke with a mild fragrance. The smoke can be used to cleanse your body, home or as part of your Sacred Ceremonies. Impeccable Warrior of Light Blessed copal not only helps to raise your vibration, it also connects you to the entire Mayan lineage of Illumined Peace Shamans. As a Luminous vibrational cleanser, copal is among the best!

  1. Yantras

Combining Sacred Geometry and Divine Vibration, Yantras are small and highly effective tools for immediately transforming negative energy. Yantras are often made of copper, an excellent conductor of energy. They are impressed with a geometric design associated with the vibration of specific deities or other patterns of vibrational significance. With the pattern set in copper, the Yantra constantly emits the vibration of the pattern it bares, almost like an energetic battery.

There are many creative ways to infuse the vibration of the Yantra into your aura. For example, placing it under a glass of water will charge the water with its vibration. Then you may drink the water to imbibe the Yantra’s energetic signature, immediately activating a Higher vibration within your Self!

  1. Herbs and Plant Essences

Many cultures incorporate various herbs and plant essences into their Spiritual Practices. Often times herbs, such as rosemary and rue, are placed in bundles and used to brush the body. This practice is implemented to cleanse away energetic debris that may be attached to a person. If not removed, these malevolent energetic leeches cause a range of destructive situations in a variety of areas from health to finances. With the dense energy removed, your vibration is free to rise! Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song provides a complete list of effective herbs and cleansing ingredients in Her book The Impeccable Warrior of Light: Mantras and Rituals for Spiritual Protection.

Each of these methods is a potent and practical practice that you can use at any time to raise your vibration to its most Golden state.Impeccable-Warrior-of-Light-Book raise your vibration

The Holy Mother has outlined in detail the benefits and uses for each of these methods in Her book of essential Spiritual Practices for any Spiritual aspirant. You are sure to clear many blocks from your Life by consistently implementing any of these practices. Raise your vibration and both inner and outer obstacles become easier to overcome.

If you are serious about deep cleansing your vibration or if you would like an accelerated transformation, Holy Shaktipat Limpias are the Miraculous option for you. Each Holy Shaktipat Limpia provides a deep cleansing to your entire being; simply put, it is the Highest form of vibrational therapy available. These sessions are known for their ability to transmute your vibration in a dramatically accelerated and thorough way, removing energetic debris you may not be able to remove on your own. You can purchase Holy Shaktipat Limpia sessions by clicking here.

May you continue to reach Greater and Greater vibrational heights! We offer our support to you on your Spiritual Journey and invoke your endless Victories in the name of all that is Light!


In Loving Service,
The Global Peace Team
On behalf of Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song