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Posted on Aug 25, 2015

A Child’s Healing Touch

A share from an Impeccable Warrior of Light student

Dear Peace Mother,

My 3-year old daughter and I listened yesterday to Your online Holy Shaktipat Limpia Prayer together. I can see how each Prayer and the accompanying Shower of Divine Grace affect her, as she is increasingly precocious, sweet, cooperative, and expanding in Sacred Intelligence each day.

As we began listening to the Prayer, she began to softly brush my back in certain places. With a Sweet, Light touch, I sensed that she was sweeping dark energies from my physical and energetic bodies. Instantly, my body relaxed and my mind softened. The stresses I was carrying on my back dissolved, and I felt subtle psychic burdens melting away. It was amazing to feel and see how tuned-in she was!

Then as the Sacred Sound continued to envelop us, we both transitioned into a deeply meditative state. My gaze turned inward, and I felt both a fullness and emptiness as the outside world faded and the inner world became revealed. We both emerged from the Holy Shaktipat Limpia calmer, Lighter, and saturated with Your Divine Bliss.

Thank You Peace Mother for the Miraculous states and Sacred Gifts You shower upon us through the Holy Shaktipat Limpias!

~ an Impeccable Warrior of Light in Georgia, USA