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Posted on Nov 11, 2014

A Divine Healing on the Majestic Mountain

Blessings Divine Peace Mother,

My partner and I recently arrived home safely from our backpacking trip in the Majestic Mountains, on which we witnessed the incredible Beauty of Mother Earth and the Majestic Sacred Animals that live in the higher elevations.

This journey Gifted me laughter, tears, and challenges with inner dark energies, all of which Inspired a deeper Connection with the Divine Creator, my Spirit Guides and the Compassionate Forces of Light. Your Impeccable Warrior of Light Teachings Guided and Protected us throughout this challenging and rewarding Sacred Experience.

As revealed within the Impeccable Warrior of Light book, I kept a Durga Yantra in my pocket at all times to bolster our Protection. I also remembered learning about the Power of certain symbols from Your Teachings, so in the evenings when we arrived to our tents, I drew a cross in the sky in each direction while calling upon the Compassionate Forces of Light to Protect us as we rested.

One evening in a dream, I received Sacred Wisdom from You about the All Pervading Energy, Shakti…I was shown the nature of Energy (Shakti) and that utilizing the Shakti through focused Intentions brings about what is desired. In this dream You showed me how to bring about an Energy Healing for my body. I witnessed parts of my body Healing by feeling tingling sensations so intense that it momentarily brought me out of my deep resting state. When I fully Awoke my physical body felt Light, and all the pain from the previous day’s physical challenges was gone!

Divine Peace Mother, I can’t possibly thank You enough for The Impeccable Warrior of Light Teachings and Tools you have Graciously shared with me. Through the Grace of Your Sacred and Illuminating Teachings, my Soul has Awakened and expanded further, Gifting me an experience that has changed me forever in unlimited Light Ways.

In Kindness, an Impeccable Warrior of Light, USA

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