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Posted on Feb 29, 2016

A Luminous Fountain of Infinite Blessings

Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song’s Story

A descendant of the Maya and Huichol Native Traditions, Peace Mother’s story begins with Her training in Mayan Soul Retrieval Holy Shaktipat Limpias and Sacred Ceremony by Don Jacinto Tzab Chac, one of Mexico’s most revered Mayan Shamans. To this day, Her Holiness travels the world carrying on the Peace Shaman Work of Her Mayan Lineage.

Before apprenticing to Don Jacinto, The Holy Mother immersed Her Self in the Sacred Mantras of India. Through the Grace of Her Gurus, She Mastered the Healing Power of Sacred Sound to the Highest Degree. Peace Mother credits Her BeLoved Gurus and Mayan Lineage of Shamans for the Miraculous Power that flows through Her.

Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song's storyThe mystical combination of these two Power-full Spiritual Paths has given Peace Mother a unique approach to Healing of the body, mind and Soul.

Unique Background

Peace Mother’s story is an eclectic one. Her Holiness is a living Saint and an example of the Oneness of the Universe. She is a Mayan Peace Shaman, a Shaktipat Master and a Divine Mother Vessel. All of these Roles have allowed Her to have the direct experience that Grace exists in all Virtuous Paths. Due to Her eclectic background, She is able to Purely impart the energy of “In Lak’ech”… the philosophy of Oneness, Peace and Harmony in all that She does. Her message and the Spiritual Protection Tools She provides us are Universal and catapult us to Higher levels of Peace, Wisdom and Love.

Until we are EnLightened, our Souls carry negative energies and deeply rooted, limited patterns (known in Hindu tradition as “samskaras”) that have hidden away our Golden, Radiant Soul Light. Without the infusion of Shakti from an EnLightened Master, making lasting Positive change to undo these patterns can appear impossible.

The Impeccable Warrior of Light Tools and Training are a Healing remedy to your challenges and everyone’s challenges, regardless of age, gender, or cultural background. By studying the Spiritual Wisdom of various Traditions, Peace Mother has gleaned the Golden Pearls from each Path. Now, She offers those gems of Wisdom to you, in the form of Impeccable Warrior of Light Teachings, Holy Shaktipat Limpias, Sacred Tools and Online Courses.

With Peace Mother’s Sacred Tools and by implementing Her Universally EmPowering techniques, you can peel back the veils from your Luminous Light and let it shine your Path to a Radiant Life!

An Impeccable Warrior of LightPeace Mother Geeta Sacred Song's Story

Peace Mother is a Free-thinker, someone whose perspectives are the Highest and Purest. Her Holiness is the embodiment of the Divine Mother of the Universe! She removes Shamanic Amnesia and mystically quickens our Spiritual Essence. As an Impeccable Warrior of Light, Holy Mother is able to remove our pain and limitations and while activating our Luminous Soul Essence. Her Ancient Wisdom is the medicine to modern ills. In each Spiritual Protection service, She blends Sacred Traditions in Perfect, Beauty-full, Master-full Ways that saturate you in Inspiration, Courage and Insight.

As have many beings around the world, you too can experience Her Compassionate Blessings guiding you to the core element of Freedom and EmPowering you to live your Highest Destiny!

When you are in contact with Peace Mother, and when you receive online or phone Holy Shaktipat Limpias from Her, you are in contact with the Purest Grace… the Miraculous Power that She inherited from Her Illumined Teachers. This Miraculous Power (also known as Pranava Shakti) is the Life Force of the Universe. It is a living current of Knowledge that can transform your Life by connecting you to the Fountain of EnLightenment. Every time you commune with Peace Mother, your Life Force is activated further, amplifying your Power to create and experience Wholeness and Radiance in your Life.

Receive Wisdom and Grace from Peace Mother

Begin your training today by opening your Heart to “darshan”, the Hindu practice of receiving the ever-flowing Wisdom and Grace through the glance of the Holy Ones.

Impeccable Warrior of Light Exercise:

1. Take a moment to be still and breathe deeply.
2. Move your gaze to Peace Mother’s image in the below poster.
3. If you feel dis-tracted or feel your mind is too active, place one or two hands over your Heart.
4. Gaze at Peace Mother’s image and simultaneously feel the connection to Her in your Heart.
5. Tune in and experience the Golden Message and Sacred Vibration She is transmitting to you.

Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song's Story

Share with us your experiences by commenting below!


In Loving Service,
The Global Peace Team
On behalf of Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song



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