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Posted on Jun 25, 2015

A Saint’s Image Cleansed My Bedroom

Blessings Peace Mother,
I have been cleansing and smudging my home on a regular basis since I began studying with you earlier this year. Our home/apartment was purchased earlier in the year, and the bedroom had always been stuffy or warmer than the rest of the house.  I always thought it was a problem with poor air circulation.

We had checked the air ducts, and indeed the output in that room was not that strong. Yesterday evening, I added some Saints’ pictures to my altar (in the bedroom) and went to sleep.  When smudging this morning, I noticed that the stuffiness had gone, and the room was noticeably cooler and the air fresher!  What a pleasant surprise! I now realize that that stuffiness was a type of negative energy, and thanks to Divine Grace it is now gone! Thank you Peace Mother for Your Grace-us teachings and for showering us with Your Light in Limitless Ways!