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Posted on Apr 27, 2016

Activating Kundalini Shakti: Accessing the Cosmos Within

If your days seem busy, weighty or stress-full, living fulling immersed in deep Peace, Bliss and Spiritual Connection may appear to be a distant dream. However, in this Miraculous Universe, your Luminous Goals are in reality only a few moments away from flowering into existence. The Golden Energy you seek to regain Balance, Strength, Peace and fulfillment exists both around you and in you. Infinite Blessings are yours to receive, and Joy-full Prosperity is your Divine birthright!

kundalini shaktiThe Kundalini Shakti

The Spiritual remedy to all outward problems comes from deep within your Soul. According to Indian Yogic scriptures, the fundamental Effervescent, Creative Energy of the Universe, Kundalini Shakti, dwells inside all of us. The Kundalini Shakti is limitless and perfumes all the world around us; it literally touches us with every breath we take, every brush of wind on our faces, and each ray of Sunshine that Illumines our days.

Unfortunately, due to years and Lifetimes of suffering and struggle, this Divine Energy is often left in a sluggish or dormant state, and we experience amnesia of its presence within us.

Have you experienced the dry sensation of ‘running on fumes’ or felt the whirlings of hate-full voices inside your head? When the Kundalini Shakti is shut down within us, our world can seem dry, rigid, unforgiving, or painted in dreary shades of gray.

In order to rid ourselves of the many forms of misery found in our human existence, sessions of Kundalini Activation are necessary. This profound Cosmic Healing process shears off clinging tendrils of negativity and awakens the infinite Creative Power within you! Unburdened, refreshed and re-awakened, your Luminous spirit can achieve and maintain its Highest Vibration.

Spiritual Causes, Spiritual Answers

With Kundalini Activation sessions can come astonishing, all-encompassing Luminous Blessings and ecstatic changes in all aspects of your Life. Your entire being becomes illuminated as the Kundalini Shakti rises and courses vibrantly through your cells. Sacred Wisdom and Clarity shine into your Golden Mind and Spirit, allowing for a deeper understanding and connectedness with the Universe around you.

When the Kundalini Shakti is activated within you, the veils that obscure your Brightest Destiny begin to fall away so you can quickly experience Vast Healing and rapid Spiritual progression.

A Power-full Cosmic Force

The Kundalini Shakti is a Power-full Force, and Kundalini Activation should always be undertaken under the guidance of a Shaktipat Master. A Shaktipat Master is an EnLightened Being with the Divine Power to bestow “Shaktipat”, the activation of the Kundalini Shakti-Spiritual Energy in your Soul.

Genuine Shaktipat Masters are rare, and it is important to discern who is really a Master before entrusting your Soul Essence to their Care. A Shaktipat Master will treat your Soul Light as precious beyond measure, and will guide the Kundalini to rise within you in the Perfect Way.

The rarest of Teachers: an EnLightened Peace Shaman and kundalini shaktiShaktipat Master

Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song is the rarest of Teachers, Gurus and Shamans: an EnLightened Peace Shaman who is also a Shaktipat Master. Her Holiness is able to activate your Kundalini Shakti: the Brilliant Light and boundless Bliss that exists within you.

As Kundalini Shakti is activated, you can experience purer perspectives which grant Awareness of your ONE-ness with the Compassionate Universe!

Peace Mother offers Sacred Healing Prayers known as Holy Shaktipat Limpias, in which Kundalini Activation occurs. During this Sacred Prayer, Peace Mother petitions the Divine Forces of Light for your EnLightenment and calls upon the Kundalini Shakti to awaken and arise.

As Peace Mother radiates Her Light into your being, the Kundalini Shakti begins to move from your lower body Chakras to ones higher up, allowing for states of expanded Consciousness to be achieved. As your Soul is showered with Grace, Divine Illumination and EmPowerment are bestowed upon your Soul, accelerating you towards your Brightest Destiny.

Although experiences vary from person to person and from session to session, during Holy Shaktipat Limpias signs of the Kundalini Activation can and have occurred, such as:

– Feelings of deep Peace and relaxation

– Tears of Pure Joy and Self Love

– Spiritual gifts and Creativity blossoming

– Dissolution of fatigue and spontaneous Rejuvenation

– Experiences of Cosmic realms

– Messages from Spirit Guides, Angels, and Light Beings

– Flashes of past lives and feelings of relief and release

– Sense of deep surrender to Spirit

kundalini shakti
Once freed from burdens such as a pain-full past, samskaras (limiting karmic patterns), sluggishness, rigidity or doubt, recipients of Holy Shaktipat Limpias emerge from their sessions Lighter and Brighter, with a new perspective on Life.

As the Kundalini Shakti continues to expand and fortify their being, they also experience a more enJoyable and Success-full daily existence.

The activated Kundalini enables them to feel:

– less stressed by situations which previously would have overwhelmed them

– more Creatively attuned and Insight-full

– Greater Protection, Spiritual Security and Soul Confidence

– EmPowered to be steadier and wiser in their relationships and interactions with others

After receiving a Holy Shaktipat Limpia session or series of sessions, this Beauty-full state can be strengthened and enhanced by daily maintenance using the Impeccable Warrior of Light Sacred Tools and Practices.

So much Peace, Healing and EnLightenment awaits you, as part of your Luminous Destiny!

Order a Holy Shaktipat Limpia today and feel the Glory-us sense of Freedom, Re-Birth and Sacred Renewal as you activate the Mighty Kundalini Shakti within you!

Wishing you Endless Jubilant Victories in all your Spiritual Endeavors,

The Global Peace Team
On behalf of Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song

Radiant Peace Mother image thanks to Maryam Morrison Arts!

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