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Posted on Feb 13, 2015

Awake, In Love!

Wolken wie FlammeDear Global Peace Team,

I want to thank Peace Mother for Her prayers.  Since I began my series of Holy Shaktipat Limpias, I am definitely feeling stronger!  I believe the Limpias have helped me immeasurably and am very Great-full to Peace Mother.

As I look back to the way I lived before the Holy Shaktipat Limpia Prayers, I can see that one Life lesson for me was about holding back and another lesson was about giving up.  That’s what I did when I began to robotically say for years, “nothing’s working, my prayers aren’t answered.”

I now see that by resigning your Self to the suffering, you open the door, waving a NEON sign, inviting MORE dark forces to come in!  You don’t realize fully what you were doing to invite more suffering, until you start to come out of it.

I now know that despite the vicious attacks by the dark forces, I allowed my Self to mistakenly believe “If I can’t see them, they can’t see me.  If I keep my focus away from the darkness, I won’t have to deal with it.  And I only want to see Angels.”  I had dug my head in the sand!

When things went wrong in my Life, I would become very nervous, and all the things I wanted to avoid I couldn’t.  I accepted my health conditions, my fragmented relationships and dysfunctional Life, convinced that I had to live with it all.

Now I am EmPowered, armed with the Impeccable Warrior of Light Teachings, which support me in maintaining Spiritual Practices that Powerfully transform the discord in my Life.  I now choose to be vigilant with every thought and ask my Self, “What is my True motive behind this action?  Is it Good for me and others?”

The dark forces made me feel sleepy for years and I slept for large amounts of each day.  Now, I no longer sleep much during the day.  With Peace Mother’s Holy Shaktipat Limpia Prayers, I AM Awake!

I plan to continue with the prayers for my Self and for my family.  With much Love, I thank You, Peace Mother!

~ “Awake Now in Canada!”

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