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Posted on Mar 11, 2016

Awaken Your Soul

Awareness Cures Shamanic Amnesia

How often do you catch yourself driving and thinking about bills to pay, your kids’ schedule for the week, what to cook for dinner, and many other distracting thoughts? Sometimes we even reach our destination without having a Conscious memory of how we got there. It is called driving on auto-pilot, and while you may be Aware of the dangers it poses to you and other drivers, it is even more dangerous to your Bliss-full state of mind.Golden Time, Shamanic Amnesia

This is one example of the Shamanic Amnesia that oppresses our Luminous Soul from achieving a Balanced, EnLightened Life. Every day we are bombarded with tasks, people, phone calls, daily chores, etc. and often we become numb to our emotions and tune out to the myriad energies surrounding us.

When have you felt Bliss-full throughout your entire day?

By staying Aware and in the moment, we can maintain a constant level of Happiness, deflecting the negative energies and thoughts that try to overtake our minds. When we Spiritually “fall asleep” we are experiencing Shamanic Amnesia, acting and re-acting out of habit without full Conscious Awareness. However, by recognizing the energies that surround us on in our daily lives on this BeLoved Planet Earth, we can Awaken to Peace and hold on to the Bliss-full states that are currently fleeting at best.

With Impeccable Attention to the constant stream of activity that surrounds us, we can say YES to the Wonder-full Blessings and a resounding NO to the fear, anger, frustration and stress that tries to permeate our Hearts. Negative and malevolent energies do not rest and will take advantage of any laziness or doubt you may have in your Spiritual Protection Practices. They feed on these emotions – however, through Shamanic Awareness and Spiritual Protection techniques, we can Shield our Golden Light from these assaults.

How can you maintain Sacred Awareness and break the cycle of Shamanic Amnesia?

Here are three easy steps to keep the Joy in your Life every moment of the Day:

1. Practice mindfulness. For example, it is easy to “zone out” when folding the laundry or washing the dishes. Instead, think about the act you are performing. Notice the smell of the clean clothes, or how easily the soap slides along the dish you are washing. Think of how these simple tasks benefit you and your Loved ones, and dedicate your acts of service to their Soul Light. Hold on to these Sacred Intentions as you perform each task throughout your day.

2. When at work or running errands, stay in the moment by watching the people around you. Take note of the smiles, and return them Happily! If you come across negative energy, turn it towards the Light. If somHigh Resonance Healing Wordseone slights you in some way, such as cutting you off in traffic, Bless them by saying “Namaste” or just a simple “Bless you” instead of choosing anger or frustration.

3. Set a reminder in your phone or on your watch to take a quick emotional inventory throughout your day. For example, when you hear the gentle alarm sound, stop what you are doing and take note of your emotional state. So often we ignore our gut feelings, not paying Attention to the messages our Wisdom Body is sending us. This lack of Awareness leaves our mind, body and Soul vulnerable to the negative energies.

Coming up in just a few days, we are releasing an UpLifting and EnRiching online training course that will share Impeccable Warrior of Light techniques for maintaining Sacred Awareness and so much more. Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song and the Global Peace Team have spent much of the last few months creating this Amazing Life-changing program to help you continue your Success-full Spiritual Journey.


With Waves of Peace and Light,

The Global Peace Team
On Behalf of Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song