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Posted on Mar 18, 2016

Banishing negative energy: Eradicate dark forces for Good!

Some days we wish we could just wave our magic wand and make all the stress, frustration, anger, negative energy and disappointment vanish in an instant.

Not only can you do this, but you don’t even need a magic wand!

As part of our Spiritual Growth to become EnLightened Beings, we must face our fears and worries with Spiritual Protection Tools, which are the equivalent of our magic wand. To be success-full in building our defenses against these dark forces that surround us, we must choose to maintain Sacred Awareness and practice our Spiritual Protection Tools every day.

The Power to change your Life is within you. It is your Divine Destiny to be an Impeccable Warrior of Light, receiving all the Golden Blessings the Universe has to offer such as Joy, Love, Prosperity, and many other Noble Qualities. The past is behind you, no matter what choices you made, bad habits you turned to when you felt like there was nothing else you could do.

However, today is a new, Glory-us day!

To banish negative energy from you right here, right now, youmust open your eyes to the forces around you. The first step is to recognize and name the dark force or energy. Refer to whatever is keeping you from Peace as a demon. If you are feeling anxious about taking action, identify it as the “anxiety demon”. When you name a malicious energy, you show Courage and Shine the Light from your Soul upon it which is the first step in banishing it.

Peace Mother teaches us to see it and call it out, thereby taking away its Power. This is the second step in dispelling the dark forces. Say the words, “I see you and I see what you are trying to do!” Keep your Inner Light focused on driving that force away!

To read the last step on banishing negative energy, watch Peace Mother’s new free training, Unlock Your Soul’s Divine Potential for this and more Help-full tips to increase your Sacred Knowledge and Protect Your Golden Light. Peace Mother invites you to continue expanding your Spiritual Protection knowledge and Amplify the Soul’s Power within you!

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Golden completion Power to you to fuel Vast Success on your Soul Journey!

With waves of Bliss and Peace,

The Golden Peace Team
On Behalf of Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song