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Posted on Jun 1, 2015

Break free from obstacles


We all face obstacles at some point in our lives, but they do not have to have a permanent residence within us. Allow Her Holiness Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song show you how to Break free from obstacles and live the BIG LIFE.

“The very practical, simple and down-to-earth techniques that Peace Mother shares had an immediate impact upon my life. My spiritual practices became my highest priority once again and I felt the waves of Peace and Joy begin to affect every area of my life. My six-year old son took to the simple techniques like a fish to water. One day I heard him clap loudly three times as he rode in the back of our van. I asked what he was doing and he said ‘I had a bad thought and I was driving it away!’ (He had heard me do the same thing earlier and soon he was repeating my good example!) Since the first step to freedom is awareness, it gave me great comfort to know that I had shared something that would help him ‘re-member’ his own powerful, “Warrior of Light” Self!”
– Cheryl B – VA, USA

“I can’t thank you enough for the positive changes that you have brought to my son and his partner. You have given them both the chance to live as you say, “the BIG Life.” For that I am eternally grateful.”
– Dr. Robert T – VA, USA

Visit the Holy Shaktipat Limpias page to learn how you too can become an Impeccable Warrior of Light.

~The Global Peace Team