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Posted on Aug 22, 2014

Build Me an Army of Healers! Part 1

A Message from Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song:

Blessings Dear Ones,

Recently the Divine Mother of the Universe gave me a message that involves YOU. She said “Build Me an Army of Healers!” with Great Power and Urgency.

“Build Me an Army of Healers…Give Humanity the Impeccable Warrior of Light Training…Prepare them and Strengthen them. They will need to become Strong in order to help others through the Earth changes that are coming. Help them Master Spiritual Protection so they can establish Peace on Earth!”

For this reason, the Sacred Peace Center website has expanded to become The Impeccable Warrior of Light Path.

Peace does not defend itSelf…It takes Strength to defend Peace, Harmony, Cooperation and all the Positive, Radiant Virtues. If you are suffering…If you wish for more Peace in your Life…Spiritual Protection is the key!

If you wish to fortify Greater Happiness, Joy, Love, your Health, Creativity, Devotion and all other qualities that Support your Highest Destiny, make the Protection of Your Spirit the number one focus.

If you care for your garden, your garden will provide you much Beauty, Sustenance and Joy. Your investment in Soul Balance will continually shower you with Infinite Blessings as you travel your Soul Path.

Spiritual Protection is the key to surviving all challenges, learning from the experience and then THRIVING with enhanced Wisdom, Soul Power and Spiritual Confidence. You CAN experience an expansion of Self-Love…and this is THE time to open up to it.

If you have not yet signed up for a Holy Shaktipat Limpia session, I recommend you embrace this Grace-full Gift from Divine Mother…And experience your Light Self. If you have had sessions in the past, I EnCourage you to sign up for a series now. These Infusions of Light will put you on the Fast Track to Success, Vitality, Wisdom and PEACE.

I look forward to hearing your many stories of Victory that will result when you open to Greater Showers of Grace.

All my Love to you. JAI JAI MAAAA!!
~ Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song