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Posted on Aug 22, 2014

Build Me an Army of Healers! Part 2

A message from Peace Mother:

You may re-call my sharing that few months ago the Divine Mother of the Universe said to me in a loud voice, “Build Me an Army of Healers!” She said this loudly 3 times and followed it by saying, “You must build an Army of Impeccable Warriors of Light. Humanity has SEVEN years to Re-Birth the Planet. Mother Earth will continue to go through intense changes, shake ups and break-ups. There must manifest an Army of Healers that are unwavering in their Allegiance to The Light by Aligning Impeccably with the Golden Virtues. These Impeccable Warriors of Light will be iron-Strong in their Faith…and through their Wise Focus, they will be able to assist those who are weak and afraid. It is the Impeccable Warriors of Light that will Guide and Support Humanity through the Earth changes.”

Divine Mother imparted this message to me with so much Force that it moved me profoundly. Since Divine Mother delivered this message, we have all witnessed that the radical Earth changes are intensifying. As you observe the increasing Earth movements, do not allow youSelf to be paralyzed with depression, worry or a sense of being Power-less.

Stand firm in your Knowledge that there are Timeless Golden Principles and Tools that you can implement to EmPower your Self to Transform the challenging realities. The Impeccable Warrior of Light Tools and Training will help you remain Strong and Connected to your Spirit Guides, so you can be a Beacon of Light, Courage and Wisdom for others.

As Impeccable Warriors of Light, we take refuge in Grace…and we maintain the Clear Awareness that challenges and crisis situations exist to present us Golden Opportunities to Align with the Infinite Compassionate Support that exists for us.

I EnCourage you to not succumb to fear, anxiety or overwhelm when you see or hear of the Planetary crises taking place. We are living in a cycle where you will hear much about intensified Earthquakes, Tornados, Typhoons, Hurricanes, flooding, wars, climate change, famine, disease and the radiation crisis generated by Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan and other nuclear threats.

Breathe deeply and release any fear that arises as you are reading this. It is vital as Healers and Stewards of Mother Earth that we be Aware of the many, many layers of danger that exist in scenarios around the world and in particular the current situation at Fukushima. They need your Prayers and mine, as they carry out supremely risky operations to attempt to avert even greater danger to the global community.

Instead of reacting to this news negatively, join me in EnVisioning all existing ignorance and potential harm saturated by the Cosmic Violet Flame of Transformation. To remove Fear from areas, places and your Self, use the Blessed Shamanic Healing Rattle while repeating Healing Mantras or Affirmations and visualizing any condition as HEALED.

You can use the songs and mantras in our Peace Is Triumphant CD…and by singing along with me, the music and mantras will EmPower you immensely. The Sanskrit and English versions of the Peace Invocation, along with simple mantras such as Om Shanti, Shanti, Shantihi, will equip you with many Sacred Tools for replacing discordant realities with PEACE.Peace Is Triumphant, Love Is The Answer Album Cover

As I have described in The Impeccable Warrior of Light book, you can also write a Petition on behalf of your Self, others, places, spaces and situations. Write it in the form of a letter of Appreciation to your Divine Protectors…giving thanks to Them for Divine Intervention, as if it has already taken place. Imagine the situation is already Healed and let your Heart overflow with Great-full emotions.

While feeling this way, use your Blessed Shamanic Healing Rattle and rattle fiercely around your Self and your written Prayer Petition. I travel with my Shaman’s Rattles everywhere I journey to, so I can continue with my Clearing Work wherever I am. Do your Best to acquire two Blessed Shamanic Healing Rattles, one for each hand and rattle with Faith that your Fierce Intention can break apart negative realities and replace them with Positive scenarios. The more you rattle, the more you offer Prayers, Affirmation, Peace Songs and Mantras for the Upliftment of everyone’s Love, Light and Peace, the more EmPowered you shall feel and BE!

Waves of Violet Light and Endless Blessings…


~ Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song