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Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual Consultations By Phone

These 1-hour consultations are conducted by IWOL Shamanic Practitioners who have been personally trained by Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song.

Your consultation is an opportunity to ask questions about the state of your Soul, Life, Spiritual Path and Aura.

Each session will vary according to the messages you are meant to receive from your Spirit Guides. This can include:
– Reading of your aura and energy field
– Wisdom received from your Angels and Spirit Guides
– Review of any Spiritual blocks currently in your path
– Recommendations and actionable steps to shift into a higher levels of Peace, Healing and EnLightenment

Special introductory price: $50 for initial session
$85/session for subsequent sessions

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Spiritual Coaching Programs

Shedding layers of Soul karma takes time, but Impeccable Warrior of Light offers a fast-track approach to those who wish to finally become free of Lifelong spiritual baggage and experience greater Happiness, Prosperity, Confidence, and Peace.

Our Spiritual Coaching Programs are completely customized for you to get on and stay on your Soul’s Brightest Path. They have been created to help you develop your personal Spiritual Toolkit; the tools, practices, thoughts and attitudes which will assist you:

  • When you experience psychic attack or negativity from others
  • To identify the energetic patterns and drains which are causing imbalance and suffering in your Life
  • In interacting on the Spiritual-Energetic level with others and the energies they are carrying with them
  • When you face major decision points or uncertainty about your next steps
  • When you are battling a hostile challenge in the form of a situation, dynamic, place, person or group of people

At these times, your Spiritual Training and the quality of the Spiritual Toolkit you have developed will allow you to remain clear, strong and focused while retaining your Golden Energy and increasing your Positive Spiritual Power.

Please note, our Spiritual Coaching Programs are for those who deeply desire change from the inside out and are willing to commit their Self-Effort to achieve the greatest personal transformation.

This coaching series is offered by Peace Mother’s student and Shamanic Apprentice, Gayatri Devi. Please note, there are limited spots available for this program and admission is by application only.


We currently offer the following Programs:

Gold Bliss Package – $997 includes:

  • 3-month accelerated Spiritual Coaching program
  • 5 private coaching calls, plus a 30-minute follow-up call
  • Post-call EnLightening practice exercises
  • Weekly email support
  • A special welcome gift

Silver Illumination Package – $597 includes:

  • 2-month Spiritual Coaching program
  • 3 private coaching calls, plus one 30-minute follow-up call
  • Post-call EnLightening practice exercises

*An application is required for all coaching packages, and they are subject to availability and program acceptance.


About Gayatri Devi

Gayatri Devi has received Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song’s Blessing and authorization to offer coaching based on the Wisdom she has cultivated as a student and practitioner of the Impeccable Warrior of Light Tools, Teachings and Training. Her experience includes areas of Health & Wellness, Relationships, Manifestation, Career Advancement, Life Changes, Prosperity & Abundance and Spiritual Growth.

Gayatri Devi has offered Seva as Global Projects Director for Impeccable Warrior of Light/A Center for Peace and Healing and held multiple roles throughout the organization. She is honored to offer Spiritual Coaching through Peace Mother’s benediction at Impeccable Warrior of Light.

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