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Posted on Mar 14, 2016

Create a Balanced Life and Amplify Your Faith

I AM Presence, feminine version

Our Faith and our Spiritual Path can be a very personal thing. We each have our own way of relating to the Light and the Goodness That Pervades All Things.

And as individuals, it is easy for each of us to experience periods of stagnation, separation, frustration or indifference. When this happens, we can lose our Balance and feel our Faith being tested.

What is the Key to striking a Balance and keeping Strong Faith?

Maintaining the Highest Perspective. We must continually practice Sacred Awareness, Golden Appreciation, and Heroically Mastering every part of our Soul’s Journey.

Recognizing the Universal Journey

All of us on Planet Earth are continually faced with obstacles and challenges as we pursue our Highest and Brightest Destiny. The Soul’s Path to EnLightenment is Universal, and therefore no matter what your Faith or beliefs, you will experience negative thoughts and energies attempting to block your Soul’s Mighty Power, Radiance and Peace.

When you are under attack from malevolent forces you can suddenly feel:

  • re-active, impatient, or stressed
  • fatigued or drained
  • dis-connected or separate from your God-source
  • indifferent
  • frustrated, angry or disappointed
  • hostile to experiences and Wisdom that EnCourage you to grow Spiritually

The Spiritual Protection Tools offered by Peace Mother and Impeccable Warrior of Light have been created to help you recognize the signs of Spiritual interference and act quickly to remove all forms of suffering from your Soul. It is vital we understand and recognize what is constantly occurring within and around us, for as Peace Mother writes in Her book, The Impeccable Warrior of Light: “On the Planet Earth, no being is immune to psychic attack!”

Master the Lessons and Create a Balanced Life

Every Saint, Guru, Siddha, EnLightened Master, Realized Mystic, Master Healer, and Pure Servant of The Light had to undergo tests and challenges. Just as we do, they experienced many forms of hardship, obstacles and suffering in order to purify their ego and pass the tests presented by Spirit. Each time they passed a Spiritual Test success-fully, they moved closer to and finally attained EnLightenment, and the Divine Power to serve humanity in the Highest Way.

Out of Compassion, Divine Mother has offered us Spiritual Protection Tools and Wisdom in a unique and Universal way. The Impeccable Warrior of Light Sacred Tools and Practices can serve every Love-based religion and belief system on our Beloved Planet Earth. Using these EnLightenment Tools will help you move through your Soul Lessons easily and quickly, and advance you rapidly towards a Radiant, Balanced Life.

Discover your Path to Soul Success

Whether you are Catholic, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddist, Hindu, Sikh or Pagan, Her Golden Message of Protection and Peace is Universal!

As an example, when Ascended Masters, manyPeace Mother re-minds us of the Legions of Divine support available to each and every one of us, you can choose which Beneficent forms to call upon as they relate to your Faith. This Divine Spirit team is uniquely yours, and by Honoring and connecting with Them, They will bestow upon you the Grace, Insight, Protection and Wisdom to support you in manifesting Luminous Soul Victories during every step of your Journey.

Singing to Victory

One of the Spiritual Tools Peace Mother EnCourages us to incorporate into our daily Life is singing. If you are Christian, a beautiful hymn will help you tap into the Golden Light of your Soul, releasing it from the binds of negativity and allowing you to Shine your precious energy.

Even if you do not follow a religion closely, you can simply begin singing to the Day! Every Day is special, Sacred, and an opportunity to do your Best to serve the Forces of Love and Light. You can sing with Appreciation and with Joy, Love, and Sweetness. You can sing to Spirit, Mother/Father God, the Sun, the Stars, your Divine Protectors, your Ancestors and descendants… the list is endless!

Simply by singing from the Heart, you will send dark forces scattering away and leave your Self feeling Bliss-full and therefore open to receive Blessed gifts like Radiant Health, Joy, and Abundance. Tying together your religious beliefs with Peace Mother’s Wisdom, you will be on the fast trRadiant colors, Angel in the Cosmos (1), Balanced Lifeack to a Luminous and Balanced Life, with all the Love, Faith, Peace and Exuberance you deserve.

We are in the process of creating a new Sacred Training Tool that will help change your Life, opening you up to all the Abundant Blessings the Universe has to offer. This Luminous Knowledge will benefit you in countless Golden Ways and guide you to rapidly reaching your Highest Destiny.

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With Great waves of Peace and Light,

The Global Peace Team
On behalf of Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song