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Posted on Aug 22, 2014

Creating a World of Peace and Harmony

How We Can Put an End to War and Create Peace for All

A message from Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song:

Vast  Blessings dear ones…I Trust you are each implementing the Impeccable Warrior of Light Tools with Great Zest and Dedication.

I EnCourage each of you to not allow your Self to fall short on this. It is vital to your Soul, to all Humanity, Mother Earth and the Celestial Realms that each of us constantly ring True to our Light Essence, by living as Faith-full, Dedicated, Mighty, Impeccable Warriors of Light.

As we see many parts of the world engulfed in war, it is WE who must dissolve the War Demons. It is THE destined moment to recognize and accept on a daily basis that YOU have the Power to create a new reality of Peace, through your Prayers, Songs, Peace Rituals, Peace Affirmations and Visualizations.

Through your commitment to your Spiritual Practices…through your Love for Unity, Purity, Harmony, Wisdom and the Spiritual Practices that Uphold the Magnificent reality of Peace, YOU can dissolve dark forces that create hostility towards the Light in your Life or in any other person’s Path.

In order for each of us to believe we are capable of such Grand Power, Beauty and Wisdom, we must Clear out the layers of inner darkness. The Impeccable Warrior of Light Tools EmPower you to be able to do this and once you have discovered these Potent Tools, the key is to be consistent in utilizing them.

May you treasure the Tools Divine Mother has Created for you…may you Faith-fully implement them to Succeed in your Highest Spiritual and material Destiny.

You have prayed to advance Spiritually…your Soul has cried out to exist as an un-wavering flame of Wisdom and now you have encountered The Impeccable Warrior of Light Path which arms you with weapons of Light that consume negative forces and conditions. The Legions of Light have sent you Power Tools to manifest Amplified Light in all areas of your Life…now it is up to you to put them into action to quicken your material and Spiritual progress. Let your own Spirit Guide you on which Impeccable Warrior of Light Tools to focus on and how much to apply them.

Together we can co-create a world of Peace and Harmony. As you grow in Spiritual Confidence, write me and share with us how you are implementing the Sacred Tools. I look forward to hearing of your challenges and Triumphs.

Remember…my Love is All Ways with you…


~ Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song