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Posted on May 15, 2016

Cultivate Goodness, Today and Every Day

vibrant pansiesMay is a month when flowers bloom and spring blossoms into summer. We can celebrate this Beauty-full time in a Sacred Way by cultivating our own Goodness and tending to our Soul Light. Just like a garden, each seed we plant today will grow into new realities tomorrow.

Impeccable Warrior of Light Wisdom tells us that each day, and each moment, we have a Divine opportunity. We have the opportunity to choose our thoughts, our actions, our responses, and our re-actions. Each one of us is innately Power-full, and the seeds we sow each day will continue to expand and eventually blossom. When we take a moment to be steady and center ourselves by consciously regulating our breath, we are cultivating Peace-fullness. When we choose to smile at a stranger, we are cultivating Kindness in the world. When we choose Love-based actions and take steps to uplift ourselves and others, we are cultivating Goodness.

Why should we cultivate Goodness in our Life?

Each of us has received many gifts from the Compassionate Universe. When we cultivate Goodness, we feel richer inside, and experience having more Love and Light to share with those around us. We can pay forward the Kindness and support we’ve received by giving it to others. The more we give, the more comes back to us Blessed, uplifted and multiplied!

Peace Mother shares with us the concept of the Universal Law:

“Every time that we make a Life-enhancing, soul-expanding choice, we are feeding the Universal Energies. Each time we take an action that is filled with Courage, Love, Respect, Balance, Beauty, Sweetness, Goodness, Wisdom, Kindness, Compassion, Clarity, Faith and Devotion, we are feeding those Energies so they can augment and amplify to continue to support humanity.”

Our inner Light is always there, waiting for us to turn inward and strive to know our Self at the deepest level. We can know our Selves more as we practice exuding Noble, Luminous qualities. We start to see and experience our Golden nature, and when we do so we feel Blessed, Joy-full and Vibrantly alive! As we Protect our Goodness and take steps to cultivate it, our connection to the Light becomes Stronger. We are able to serve others in Greater ways.cultivate goodness

Goodness is contagious, and our Positive Intentions support every action we take. Have you met someone who has a Pure Heart, who strives to embody Goodness in everything they do? We often feel attracted to such a being, because intuitively we want more of what they have: inner Joy, Happiness and Peace!

Begin cultivating Goodnes today in your Self and in your actions, and you too can experience an endless stream of Luminous realities.

Start with Small Steps

“Don’t look for big things, just do small things with Great Love….The smaller the thing, the Greater must be our Love.” ~ Mother Teresa

Often, it’s the small gestures that mean the most. Sharing a Loving smile, asking “How are you?” or taking a step to show that you care makes a world of difference to others and to the Universe. As you do more “small things with Great Love” you will find that your world becomes richer, more Abundant and Beauty-full. Others begin to extend Kindness to you and Benevolent opportunities arise more and more each day.

Cultivating Goodness can be easy by choosing to implement a new Luminous practice in your daily Life. It doesn’t have to be complicated or intricate; the only requirement is a sincere Heart.

Some suggestions are:

1. Hold the door open for everyone you come across

I recently had an experience at a church where I was a significant distance behind a young man who was entering the building through the church doors. He was obviously going about his business but he saw me coming and stopped. He held the door open and waited patiently for me as I crossed. He did it with such genuine Goodwill and selflessness that tears came to my eyes. I felt so special, and cared for by God! His Kindness will remain with me for a long time, all because he took a few moments to cultivate Goodness around him.

2. Share a Positive, uplifting story with a friend

Sometimes we just need to re-member the Goodness that surrounds us. Instead of having conversations about mundane or negative people, places, or events, choose an inspiring story that awakens Light and laughter.

3. Take a walk on your lunch break, Honoring the Divine in nature

During your free moments, take a walk in Nature and Honor all Her marvel-us elements. Speak to the Golden Sun (Surya), the Tree Spirits, and Divine Mother’s Sacred Waters and expressing your Appreciation for Them. Tell them you are Great-full for the Love They Radiate to you and all Humanity. Ask how you can best Honor them and what they wish to receive from you. You can offer your songs, Prayers, seeds, flower petals and more in Sacred Ceremony to the Spirits of Nature. Each act of Goodness is immensely Appreciated and recognized by all the Light Forces.

4. Be of Selfless Service to a colleague or co-worker

Have you ever acted out of haste or in reaction to stress at work and then regretted it? Sometimes, as part of our path we can lose our Wisdom perspective; however we can quickly re-gain our Golden Mind and cultivate Goodness by re-membering that our true Mission in Life is to serve, in any place and in whatever way we can.

Let your Heart lead you, even at work, and offer Seva (selfless service) to someone else. You can offer to buy them lunch, be a Compassionate listener, or offer Positive enCouragement.

As you nurture the Light in others, without expecting anything in return, you are living as an Impeccable Warrior of Light and making the world a better place.

Cultivate Goodness in your Community

You can take your Luminous actions one step further by consciously cultivating Goodness in your community. Choose something once a week to participate in around your neighborhood/city/town, such as:

1. Volunteer at your church, temple, synagogue, and/or community center
2. Teach a child about Appreciating Mother Nature
3. Use social media to share Positive Energy with others

Pay It Forward

As one final tip, you can begin cultivating Goodness very simply in your home according to Mother Teresa’s Wisdom below:

The+Power+of+Positive+Thinking“Spread Love everywhere you go; first of all in your house. Give Love to your children, to your wife or husband, to a next door neighbor. Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God’s Kindness; Kindness in your face, Kindness in your eyes, Kindness in your smile.” ~ Mother Teresa

May we continue to inspire each other by sharing the infinite ways we can Cultivate Goodness. We certainly look forward to hearing your Great Ways of uplifting others!

This May, what steps will you take to #CultivateGoodness?

Join the conversation on Facebook and let us know how you plan to cultivate Goodness each day in your Life. And be sure to share this article with your friends and Loved ones!