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Posted on Mar 10, 2015

Devotion to Love and Compassion: We Are the Ceremonial Bowl


Heart“For EnLightenment to take place
Heaven and Earth must embrace…
As Cosmic Masculine and Feminine Energies Kiss
Two currents merge into one Divine, Cosmic Flow…

The Ceremonial Bowl and Sacred Flame
Of Harmony, Wisdom and Love
Are once again re-united…
We are The Ceremonial Bowl…

How much Grace…How much Love
We are able to receive and sustain
Depends on how strong the bowl is…

All Love you allow to flow through you must return to you from somewhere, at the right time…It is the Law.  Therefore, blame no one and nothing.

By Freeing others from blame, you forgive your Self, Liberating your energy from the past.  Practice forgiving others…Releasing all past hurts.

Consciously surrender your Self to the Flame of Love, asking it to burn away neediness.  Observe how the Mind clutches and grasps onto limited ideas of Love.  Pray to Trust enough to let go of your grip, opening up to the Great and Awesome Ocean of Love.

Discover the Perfect Harmony in all moments, through intensified prayer.  Sweetly, with Full Power, sing and dance away the separation between you and Spirit.  Invite your chosen Divine God into the Ceremonial Bowl.”

~excerpts from Shaman’s Art Journal: Self Healing and Enlightenment, Part 1 by Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song