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Posted on Oct 28, 2014

The Difference that Grace Makes

A Share on the Power of Remote Holy Shaktipat Limpias

Dear Divine Mother,

The remote Holy Shaktipat Limpias are so Power-Full, my husband and I both felt Your Grace being showered upon us!

My husband and I were home in the evening and our daughter was asleep…We were not aware of when the remote Limpia was to be performed, and yet, as we were talking we both felt a soft, Loving Connection grow between us.

Our words and demeanor became more Kind and Compassionate. My husband and I paused and looked at each other with deep Love and Appreciation. It was a magical moment. I immediately thought of You and the Grace You are continually Showering upon me and my family.  My husband noted that I was nicer and more affectionate to him. I agreed, and I could feel the difference the Shower of Grace was making in my Body and Spirit. At that moment I felt a new Peace with him as well.

The next morning, I turned to the page in the Impeccable Warrior of Light book where You speak about cutting cords. I was moved to cut the binding cords with both my husband and daughter to Free our karmic patterns. Afterward, I felt renewed, rejuvenated, and EmPowered: my energy Body was filled with Greater Strength, Light and Love.

Sweet Divine Mother, on behalf of my Self and my family we send countless Thank Yous for Your Endless Blessings!”

~ An Impeccable Warrior of Light, USA

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