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Posted on May 29, 2016

Energy Vampires: How To Recognize Them and Protect Your Self

Energy Vampires Have you ever experienced being around someone who left you feeling absolutely drained and exhausted? Some people drain you of energy by constantly involving you in their drama, stories, confusion, hostility, self-pity, stress, sadness and so on. These beings can be referred to as Energy Vampires, or Psychic Vampires.

This article will help you to recognize the traits of an Energy Vampire and EmPower you to protect yourself and disarm them.

How To Recognize an Energy Vampire

Everyone knows at least one person who has an endless appetite for attention. Below are some of the characteristics of the energy vampire. Narcissists (those with Narcissistic Personality Disorder) fall heavily into the energy vampire category and can display either all or some of these traits.

  • Constant Advice Seekers
    One version of the Energy Vampire syndrome is the being who constantly seeks advice from others but never acts on any of it. They may seem sweet and kind-hearted, but they wear you out through being firmly entrenched in their own self-centered Universe. The Impeccable Warrior of Light is able to discern this person as a bottomless pit of neediness by observing the situation through their Wisdom Eyes.
  • The Silent Type
    Another syndrome is the person who does not verbalize their pent up feelings, and by keeping their thoughts to themselves, engages you energetically. Their silence is shouting at us, evoking attention from us. Through their silence they draw everyone into expending immense amounts of energy to draw them out, to make them feel included.
  • The Vortex of Scattered Energy
    These beings are whirlwinds of fragmented energy. They dash about in a frantic manner, constantly leaving you waiting while they attempt to juggle many things at once. This type of vampire does not have good time management skills and is therefore constantly late for appointments. They do not respect time boundaries and continuously create disruption through their self-centered actions. They cannot grasp how they are generating negative energy through their unconscious actions and further siphon your Golden Energy and Time with their weak excuses.
  • The Dramatics
    This vampire is a torrent of drama, exploding with emotion over the constant flood of dramatic occurrences in their Life. They take a small matter and make it into a Life or death scenario. They will involve you by calling you or emailing to tell you all the countless details. The dark force attached to them gorges on your Golden Energy every time the “drama king-queen” repeats their stories to you and anyone else they can trap into listening.
  • The Storehouse of Self-Pity
    This person has a sad story about their sad Life and they believe themselves to be victims. You will feel moved to help them but they cannot hear you, because their belief in their victimhood is too thick for you to pierce. There is no end to their belief that they are too ill, too weak, too poor, too unworthy, too un-intelligent, too un-talented, too un-attractive, etc, to live a Happy, Balanced Life.
  • The Constant Communicators
    These beings talk non-stop, either to you or to others. When you take a break from them, the hungry vampire will immediately call someone else, so they can drain them! They have a need to hear themselves speak and do not know how to be silent. Their mind is a runaway train and it keeps them thinking at a furious pace, of the constant stream of comments to make. They have not cultivated enough discipline over their mind and mouth to be able to discern when to speak and when not to. They have no control over their mouth and will wear you down with their constant torrent of words!
  • The Loud and Shouting Ones
    These are beings who absorb energy through blasting your senses. They bombard your energetic field by speaking in a loud way which disturbs the atmosphere. They have no recognition of a proper volume and bellow at you. They shout their conversations at others. Having no recognition of how to communicate without shouting, they shout at their partners, children, co-workers and anyone else they encounter.
  • The Space Invaders
    These beings invade your personal space. They do not respect any boundaries, be it the space around your body or your home space. To speak with you, they stand in your energetic circle, right up against your face and body. If you take a step back to create some space between you, they will callously move forward, encroaching on your personal space once again. In your home space, they will pick up items, look over your mail, open drawers and check out your closets without asking for permission. They will wear you out by forcing you to repeat yourself and in the end, no matter how often you requested them be Respect-full, they won’t be because their actions are all controlled by the hungry Energy Vampire and all they can hear is its hypnotic voice commanding them to cross barriers.
  • The Hostile Vampires
    Violence, either physical or verbal, is the way this Energy Vampire drains those around them. These beings are explosive and easily triggered. They often have a slime demon attached that causes them to unleash foul language on others, polluting the air with their foul vibration. They have anger demons attached to them that are fed by every hostile vibration they create.
  • The Sulker Vampire
    This can be a friend, co-worker, child, parent or partner who sulks and pouts anytime their whims are not met. Wherever they go, be it a restaurant, a gathering – any type of outing – they are sure to end up sulking about something. They are hard to please and all types of little details and occurrences set them off, since the negative force attached to them pushes them to constantly be in a sour mood in order to control and pollute the atmosphere with their negativity.

Energy Vampires and Negative Forces

Energy Vampires
Some people are Energy Vampires without realizing it, while others are absolutely aware of how they are sucking energy from others. The ones who do this knowingly have powers they have accumulated from past lives and are experts at zapping people, cording and draining them.

Whether or not someone is conscious of being an energy vampire, they are still possessed and being utilized by a negative force to steal your energy… so that the demon they are carrying is constantly fed.

How to Disarm Energy Vampires and Protect Yourself

It is your Sacred Duty to protect your Golden Energy by learning how to disarm draining forces. Here are some techniques to use:

        • Implement the basic Violet Light technique, where you immediately call forth a shield of purple Light all around you. Simply invoke the Violet Flame to protect you against all negative forces. As you envision it continuously blazing all around, you can use the declaration, “I AM BLESSED and PROTECTED Perfectly by the Violet Light!”
        • Energy Vampires draw on your Energy by cording you with energetic lines. When you feel someone has hooked you with energetic cords, you can cut those cords with the assistance of the techniques given in my book, “The Impeccable Warrior of Light“.
        • Another technique for defense is to visualize reaching out and seizing your Energy that has been stolen, bringing it back into the area it was stolen from. For example, if you feel it was taken from your Heart, reach out and grab it… bring it back to your Heart, depositing it there. You can do the same with the solar plexus. You will know if energy has been stolen from there by the sensations you will register in your stomach area.The same is true about your sexual areas…you will know when any person or malevolent spirit is manipulating your sexual Energy to EmPower themselves. With this technique of taking back your Power, you can either imagine the actions, or actually perform the physical action of reaching out in front of you to take back your Power, then bringing it back to the area under attack.
        • Reach out to the left if it is a memory you are tapping into…where your Power was stolen from you in the past.
        • If you are experiencing flashes of someone stealing your Power in some future scenario, you can reach to the right for the future. Worrying about the future, as well as any other fear-related visions, are signs you have given your Power away. I recommend that every time you catch yourself relinquishing your Power through future-related worries, immediately reach into the future and grab that Energy that you just gave up and re-claim it, bringing it back into your Present.
        • If you are able to, you can also use the other techniques shown in the ‘How To Cut Cords’ section in “The Impeccable Warrior of Light“, such as snapping your finger three times or using your Sword of Light to cut those energetic lines.

Regardless of what technique you implement, do it with Total Commitment and let the Energy Vampires know you are serious, ordering them with full force to get their slimy hands off your Luminous Soul! Otherwise you are an unwitting accomplice in the theft of your own Energy.

Golden EnergyRe-member: An Impeccable Warrior guards their Golden Energy as they would the most priceless jewel. Do the Sacred Work and your investment of your Golden Energy in Protecting your SELF will reward you with WHOLENESS…

I look forward to hearing of your many Victories in protecting your Luminous Essence…

Copyright © 2004 Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song. All Rights Reserved.
this article is excerpted from Peace Mother’s book, “
The Impeccable Warrior Of Light

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