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Posted on Apr 22, 2016

Essential Soul Care: The Power of Spiritual Practices

To have a healthy, Strong body, there are unlimited resources we can choose to help bring us to a state of
Radiant Health. And in order to stay healthy, our physical care must be a constant, daily habit that is woven into the fabric of our Life. Whether you choose to take a yoga class, a brisk walk through the woods or eat a well-balanced diet, the routines we follow bring us to a Radiant state of the Golden Body. In doing so, we feel Strong, Energized, full of Zest and brimming with Enthusiasm!

Do you have a daily routine for your Spiritual Health? Taking care of our Divine Soul Nature is just as important as maintaining our physical health.

What happens when you don’t care for your Soul’s Health? If you do not feed your Positive Soul Light on a regular basis, and if you do not practice Impeccable Spiritual Protection, you may experience feelings of fear, anxiety, fatigue, overwhelm, dis-connection, lack of enthusiasm and/or stress. This is precisely why we must make our Spiritual Protection Practices part of our daily routine.

Nurturing your Inner Light on a daily basis is essential to build Spiritual Strength and Soul Confidence. It takes steady practice and lots of Grace to success-fully deflect negative thoughts, dispel dark energies, and maintain a Bliss-full perspective in all areas of our Life. Often, we neglect this Loving Attention to our Soul because we suffer from a limited way of thinking. We listen to the petty voices in our head that tell us we are too busy, it’s not part of our regular routine, or it takes too much time.

However, the ways to practice Spiritual Protection are truly endless and do not have to be lengthy or complicated. Whether you choose to incorporate big or small steps, the essential key is to take ACTION… and do something every day to Uplift your Vibrations and care for your Luminous Soul.

Daily Spiritual Practices are part of a healthy Life!

One of the most EnLightening forms of Spiritual support available is Peace Mother’s Mayan Soul Retrieval Prayers: Holy Shaktipat Limpias. These Power-full sessions open us up to Brighter perspectives, which result in Greater Clarity and Peace of Mind, as well as fostering Hope in our Heart and Spirit. The return on investment we receive from each Holy Shaktipat Limpia is immense, as our heightened Spiritual Awareness and expanded Luminous Soul state impact every aspect of our Life.

Just as you invest in your physical care, making time for Soul Care is equally essential, simple, and fun when you have Impeccable Warrior of Light Sacred Tools at your fingertips! It is easy to prepare a healthy meal when you have all the ingredients, or have a Power-full workout at the gym with all the equipment laid out before you. Similarly, through the Impeccable Warrior of Light website at, we offer a myriad of Sacred Tools to assist you in achieving your Soul’s Highest Destiny.

Peace Mother, wings, Divine Mother 2014-12-2Recently, Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song and the Global Peace Team released Activate Your Armor of Light, a 4-week online course that will kickstart your daily Enlightened Practices. This Power-packed training provides you with all the Sacred Tools you need to form a Joy-full, Soul-Satisfying Impeccable habit of caring for your Soul’s Inner Light. You can learn more about this Inspiring online course and watch an EmPowering free training video here.

What you practice becomes your reality

For many of us, our experience of Life can be filled with suffering such as pain, regrets, perceived injustice, feelings of separation, grief, self-deprecation, dis-connection or other depleting emotions such as loneliness. Often it seems that the more we try to escape or avoid these dark forces, the harder they work to drive us away from our Highest Destiny.

In Her book, The Impeccable Warrior of Light,the Holy Mother addresses why we often don’t cultivate more Grace through our Luminous Spiritual Practices. She writes:

“If we have this amazing Grace available to us, why don’t we call on it more often? The answer is, because we easily get side-tracked by TOO MANY things. The negative forces create an illusion in our mind and we become convinced it is the true reality.

We are often like the bull that keeps charging the red cape instead of going after the source of his torment, which is the bull-fighter. It is the bull-fighter that keeps waving the red cape in front of the bull over and over again, to distract the bull long enough to inflict pain and eventual death!

In the same way, we suffer, allowing ourselves to be tormented mentally, emotionally and physically. We blame romantic partners, friends, childhood, parents, children, employers, government, transportation systems, the clerk in the store, and countless others. Only a rare being dives beyond the surface irritant to un-cover the Truth…that it is the dark forces that plant negativity in us and on our Path…in order to steer us towards negative actions.

While we are obsessed with angrily and emotionally chasing after the red cape, we do not address the bull-fighter that is controlling the cape and lives on to continue torturing us with negative beliefs, attitudes and lifestyles.

The real problems in our lives are not the job, money, relationship or health issues. All of these surface obstacles are just serving as flashing lights to alert us that we need to acknowledge the presence of negative Spirits, entities, and energies in our Life, and the lives of others.

By becoming thoroughly familiar with the many ways these insidious vibrations can leak into our existence, by being disciplined in casting them out, we free up our energy to call on Grace with more fervor.

You all-ways have a choice as to whether you spend time with pain and suffering which begets more pain and suffering, OR spend time in contemplating and invoking Grace which then floods more Grace upon you. On the Mother Earth plane…YOU HAVE THE CHOICE OF WHAT TYPE OF CIRCLE YOU WILL BE A PART OF…AN ENDLESS CIRCLE OF TRIUMPH OR A CHRONIC CIRCLE OF PAIN.”

Avoid Spiritual pitfalls and travel the Fast Track to your Highest Destiny

Being accosted by negative energies day after day without Mighty Spiritual Protection Practices can quickly bring us into an unaware, numb state of mind. We may waste precious Time and energy in a stressed state, complaining or feeling Power-less over circumstances that continue to occur in our lives.

The destructive forces of suffering around us are All Ways trying to pierce our Hearts, beguiling us to shut down and feel invisible, unrecognized, isolated and uncelebrated. These feelings are sponsored by malevolent forces and do not reflect the Highest Truth: We ARE All Ways seen, Loved and Appreciated by our Benevolent Spirit Guides and the Universal Legions of Light. The Compassionate Universe is All Ways moving us towards Liberation, cheering us on towards our Soul’s Infinite Luminous Victories!

Whereas many Beauty-full Souls have found themselves seemingly trapped in labyrinths of misery, spiritual practicesaddiction, and self-delusion, know that this is NOT your Brightest Destiny and that even these harsh situations can be dissolved, transformed, and uplifted with Impeccable Warrior of Light Tools and Training! Even when, in moments of pain-full isolation and sorrow, you may feel cut off from all Illumination or Joy, through the Impeccable Warrior of Light science of Shamanic Wisdom, you can move beyond the surface reality and Wisely choose a more EnLightened Path!

Implementing daily Spiritual Protection Practices can fortify your Awareness and create within you unshakeable Faith in the Miraculous Power of Goodness and Light. Just like the EnLightened Masters before you, you can begin to discern what is really happening in every moment and disentangle your Self from all torturous energies and patterns.

If you are reading this, you already have easy access to Sacred Tools and Training which emPower you to Confidently embrace the Way of Light and let your Brilliant Soul shine.

Choose to break the cycle of suffering once and for all!

All Ways re-member: you are a Loved Child of the Universe, and your Highest Destiny is to live in a state of Harmonic, Ecstatic Connection with the Light! As a cherished Impeccable Warrior of Light, your Divine Inheritance is realities of Love, Happiness, and Bliss-full Peace. Armed with Sacred Shamanic Wisdom and the Impeccable Warrior of Light Tools and Teachings, as you implement your customized Spiritual Practices, you will soon find that problems that once seemed insurmountable are easily and swiftly transmuted into realities that you can deeply relish and enJoy!

Are you ready to get started?

Sign up here to watch the FREE video Unlock Your Soul’s Divine Potential. At the end, register for the online training course, Activate Your Armor of Light.

Begin your Loving Spiritual Care today and create a habit that will open your Heart to all the Radiant Blessings the Compassionate Universe wishes to bestow upon you.

Sending you waves of Golden Strength, EmPowerment and Peace!

In Loving service,

The Global Peace Team
On behalf of Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song

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