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Posted on Jun 29, 2015

Golden Discipline as an Impeccable Warrior of Light

Teachings from Her Holiness

Each Victory leads to another…this is why Golden Discipline is supremely important. It prepares us to react as an Impeccable Warrior of Light in the face of challenges. The Sacred Discipline we cultivate will fortify us when we are under psychic attack, so that we are able to emerge Triumphant even when we feel tired, lethargic, dis-Couraged, stressed, scattered…or fragmented in any other way.

All Champions of Light cultivated Impeccable Divine Discipline and so can you! You reach the Mountain-top by placing one foot in front of the other. The Mountain top represents your goal, your Noble quests and the Golden Consciousness that is possible to develop.

Don’t overwhelm your self with doubts about whether you will ever reach the Mountain top…just strive day by day to maintain a steady discipline of living Awake, Aware and aligned with your Light Essence in every moment.

The Key to living as an Impeccable Warrior of Light, in full, Bright Consciousness of your every thought and action, is to remember at all times that your Divine Spirit Team is accompanying you on your Soul Journey. You should speak with Them, as if They are right beside you…because They ARE!

Your Divine Protectors are on this Journey with you, pledged to support you…and you have many Spirit Guides, in fact countless, unfathomable Divine Benefactors. So reach out to them, call on them for showers of Grace! They are here to help you, as am I. Keep the lines of communication open by reaching out to your Spirit Team with Great Love, Respect and profound Appreciation. The more you do, the more tangibly you shall feel Their Presence and hear Their Divine Guidance, which will inspire you to be more Divinely disciplined.

I send you infinite waves of Luminous Love to EnCourage you and re-assure you that you CAN be Triumphant in breaking free of dark patterns. You can be Victorious (Victory-us) IF you remain loyal to your Divine Discipline with your Spiritual Protection Work.

With a steady Divine Discipline, your Light Essence will expand and shine brighter, forming a Mighty and Brilliant aura. Your increased illumination bequeaths greater Spiritual Strength, as well as the other Radiant Champion Virtues that will help you create Success in all other goals.

If you desire to experience deeper Peace in your daily activities, you can…through fidelity to your Divine Discipline.

Keep going dear one…do not slacken….every day, renew your committment to Divine Discipline so you can live a Luminous Life as the Golden Impeccable Warrior of Light you were born to BE!

In Lakech…We are ONE….I Love you and am with you every step of the way…


~Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song