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Posted on Sep 26, 2014

Happy Navratri! Shubh Navratri!


Today is the first day of Navratri, a nine night festival Celebrating the Shakti of the Universe. Shakti is the Divine Feminine Power representing Purity, Creation and Positive Change. For nine nights, the BeLoved Mother Goddess Durga and Her nine Aspects are Celebrated with Sacred Offerings, Devotional Ceremony, Bliss-full Chanting, and Joy-full Dance!

Navratri is an especially Auspicious time on Mother Earth, any Loving offering and prayer you offer is during this time is Amplified, Blessing you in Infinitely Beauty-full Ways!

Join us this Navrarti in offering Prayers of Peace, Love and EnLightenment in Honor of Divine Mother Grace!


~The Global Peace Team