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Posted on Feb 14, 2015

Happy Valentine’s Day!

LanternA special message to keep your Valentine’s Day and every day Bright:

Honoring Positive thinking will keep all low vibrations out of your Mind, Body and Spirit.  Tune in to the Loving messages our Divine Creator has planted all around you and do not entertain the negative forces of self-deprecation.  Recognize the Hearts our BeLoved Creator has Compassionately placed in nature for you.

Peace Mother’s Guru, Gurumayi Chidvilasananda has an Excellent photo gallery of “Hearts in Nature,” click here to EnJoy.

A gardener does not take it personally if they see a weed in the garden.  They simply remove it! Therefore, do not allow the menacing forces to engage you in Self-loathing.  This would be a further waste of precious Life Force (Golden Energy).  Simply note any weakness that reveals itself in any of your perceptions and decide how you choose to handle the next similar situation.  Practice being the Devotional and determined gardener.  Never go small by feeling insignificant or imperfect, you are a Mighty Light Being whose inherent nature is Love.  Invest your energy in feeling the Perfection that Spirit has planted within you and others. 

A quick and simple way to transform any situation or energy is Laughter…Laugh, Laugh, Laugh and smile 🙂

Spirit Loves you and we applaud your desire to be Free from suffering.  We do not focus on your mis-steps, but instead on your primordial Light nature.  So keep going!  Do not waste time in negative thoughts-emotions! Constantly contemplate the Beauty-full Dream and not the tormenting nightmare…JAI JAI MAAAAAAAAAA, VICTORY TO THE LIGHT!

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