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Posted on Dec 31, 2014

Holiday Smudging for Family Harmony, Happiness and Peace

Spa. Burning candles with dried roses leaves, incense sticks


Dear Peace Mother,

My immediate family and I have been staying with relatives over the holidays.  One of your core instructions to everyone is to conduct daily smudging of the home, body and space we occupy, and so my Intention was and is to carry this practice with me when I travel.

I asked my relatives if they were open to this Protection Practice, and received permission to smudge their home each day I was staying there.  I’ll admit this required some Faith on my part, as I wasn’t sure how my relatives would perceive my using incense and rattles throughout their house.

The first day I smudged my uncle said “The smoke is too much,” and he followed me by opening many doors and windows to the home.  The next day I chose to use the Shamanic Healing Rattles instead.  I advised my family of the noise they would make, and my aunt covered her ears as I rattled.  Although I knew the smudging was bringing more Light into the space and would affect everyone, I wanted to be Care-full and not provoke any negative re-actions by doing so.

After I finished the rattling, I asked my family if they noticed a change in the space after the rattling.  No one responded immediately, however later in the day, my aunt approached me to share her feelings.  She looked me straight in the eye and said, “You asked us if we noticed a difference in the house.  I feel we are surrounded by Happiness. I feel my home is filled with Happiness and Peace.” Her eyes were shining brightly and I could sense her Soul’s Joy at experiencing more Light and Love during the holiday.

Now that we are leaving my relatives’ home, I can say we have EnJoyed a Wonder-full stay with them.  As a result of the smudging and the Spiritual Protection practices You teach, many Beauty-full, Light-filled moments and memories have been created and experienced by myself and all my family.

Thank You Maa for Your Showers of Grace and Peace this holiday season!  Thank You for all Your Sacred Teachings, and for Protecting us and Loving us All Ways!

~Impeccable Warrior of Light, USA