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Posted on Jul 6, 2014

Holy Durga Deity Poster

Durga Poster This Holy poster of Maa Durga is known for installing an instant atmosphere of Sacred Protection to any space. Places that can immediately benefit from this poster include any room that feels uncomfortable, anywhere that people are experiencing nightmares, or any room with a sense of negative presence.In addition, this poster of Maa Durga will Bless, Augment the Light and EmPower any space or place She inhabits. Our Holy Durga Deity poster is also recommended for those doing Energy or Healing work to Create a Strong Protective field around the place or space.  Our Holy Durga Deity Poster and all products from the Shaman’s store are Blessed by the Holy Mother, Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song and therefore carry Her Shakti and Her Power-full Intentions for the Healing and Upliftment of all Humanity.$10

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