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Posted on Feb 6, 2015

Holy Mantras for Uplifting Home, Life, and Spirit

From our mailbox:

Blessings dear Peace Mother,

I am ever so Great-full for Your Holy Mantra albums… the energetic changes they have created in my life are so GREAT!

In the past, you imparted to us the Teaching that the music we play imprints its Vibration on us… and we are also receiving the Vibrations of the singer each time we listen to a song. You enCouraged my husband and I to conduct an energetic experiment of Transformation by playing Your Holy Mantras in our home.

Since then, we have been playing Your Holy albums more and more frequently. Our favorite tracks are:

Freedom Dance Anthem – my 3-year-old daughter always requests this

Om Jaya Chandi Jaya Jaya – to dispel negative thoughts and mental energies

Angels Are Here – to Connect with our Angels and Spirit Guides

Mystical Protective Shield: Rest, Sleep, Meditation – for sleeping, and to “secure our fort” from dark energies

The results?

  • Our home feels like a Loving space: the energy here has become more serene and welcoming.
  • My husband and I are more ease-full and content. We have also become more patient and understanding with each other.
  • Our finances have improved, and I’ve noticed my emotional spending habits have ceased.
  • Our bodies are becoming healthier, and we feel Stronger and more energetic on a daily basis. My daughter is sick less frequently.
  • We are finding more simplicity and Clarity within our everyday tasks.
  • As a family, we are more Harmony-us and united in our Loving Intentions and life goals.
  • We’ve become our housekeepers’ favorite home to clean. They want to come more often, because our home is “so Peace-full!”

Thank You Peace Mother for your Holy Mantra albums! This has become an experiment that we wish to continue and expand upon, thanks to Your Grace!


~ an Impeccable Warrior of Light, USA