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Holy Shaktipat Limpia FAQ


Q: Who can benefit from Holy Shaktipat Limpia Sessions?

A shower of Brilliant Light and Grace is beneficial to EVERYONE. This includes babies, children, teens, adults and elders who are experiencing challenges of any type. A few examples are:

  • Mental, emotional, physical or Spiritual torment
  • Obstacles towards accomplishing goals and desires
  • Addictions to substances and destructive behaviors
  • Dis-Harmony in relationships with Loved ones and peers
  • Blocks toward living a financially Abundant Life

Q: What kind of conditions can be dissolved or improved through Holy Shaktipat Limpias?

For thousands of years, this Shamanic Sacred Therapy has been used to disperse mental, emotional, physical, and Spiritual distress.  Recipients of Holy Shaktipat Limpias have shared their experiences from Holy Shaktipat Limpia sessions and reported their assistance in dissolving both short-term and long-standing physical issues such as:

  • Physical conditions involving all the major systems and functions such as:  muscular, skeletal, skin, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, reproductive, blood and circulatory systems, etc.
  • They have helped others ease:  muscle pain, joint problems, lack of mobility, migraines, insomnia, obesity, heart problems, cancer, tumors, arthritis, dysfunctional organs, fibromyalgia, fatigue syndromes, sexual dysfunction, diabetes and much, much more

Holy Shaktipat Limpias have helped others release emotional issues such as:

  • Loss, grief, hurt, anger, resentment, bitterness, jealousy, obsession, depression, pain-full memories, emotional/physical abuse, insecurity, lack of Self-esteem/Confidence, phobias, neurosis, perfectionism, anxiety, fears, struggle, confusion, guilt, anguish, withholding Love, frustration, resistance, victimization, blame, fear of intimacy, negative beliefs and patterns, etc.

If an issue is holding you back or blocking your Happiness, Prosperity or Balance, we EnCourage you to dis-cover the many benefits from experiencing the Infinite Grace Bestowed with Peace Mother’s Holy Shaktipat Limpias!

Q: What results have been seen from Holy Shaktipat Limpias?

Through the Holy Mother and Her Potent Limpia Prayers, all the Divine Forces work together to Cleanse you psychically, emotionally, physically and Spiritually. They help remove obstacles and karmic chains causing suffering, often with Miraculous results. There have been cases of people who could not speak, eat or move due to dark forces pushing them towards death. They quickly regained their Life Force and began to lead a healthy Life after receiving Holy Shaktipat Limpias. In other instances, through the Holy Mother’s Prayers, there have been those who were suddenly able to walk, even though minutes before they could not even stand up! Peace Mother has done Healing Work over individuals with multiple large tumors, and has seen their tumors shrink to small ones, sometimes immediately, and in other cases, within a few months. Addictions of years upon years have been dissolved, allowing the person to go forth and Blossom. Personality disorders have been replaced with Balanced, Self-Honoring behavior. Couples who were entangled in hostility were able to discover Harmonious Ways to proceed and interact with each other. Some divorces were avoided as the couples reconciled with new understanding and Golden Appreciation of each other; others whose Souls had completed the Time they were meant to be married, were able to move on to a different way of relating to each other, in Peace and Respect.

Holy Shaktipat Limpias have changed family dynamics, helped children, men and women through their karmic challenges and EmPowered many to emerge triumphant! Each time the Holy Mother lifts negative influences from the Soul, Divine Mother gifts the being a Stronger Protective Shield against psychic attack. Each Holy Shaktipat Limpia dissolves layers of fear and Bestows Greater Spiritual Knowledge on how to disintegrate evil forces. Grace breaks down inner and outer barriers and you are able to experience a sense of Spiritual Protection and safety.

The list of transformations and salvations is too long to cover here, so we will share with you a few examples. It is utterly amazing to watch the Soul Healing occur! Many people cry during their sessions or afterwards at the Miracle they saw and felt. Many share that Holy Shaktipat Limpias opened up their Third Eye enabling them to actually feel or see the indescribable presence of their Angels or Spirit Guides. The profoundly Spiritual, Divine Experiences infuse participants with a Serenity and Oneness to God not known before. Holy Shaktipat Limpias by the Holy Mother are known to Bestow a new Life brimming with fresh Enthusiasm for the Path and a Bright outlook on Life! They help you live as the Divine beings you truly are!



Q: What are the benefits of frequent Holy Shaktipat Limpia Sessions?

In each Holy Shaktipat Limpia session, you are flooded with Divine Grace. With each additional session you are able to retain more of the Grace Bestowed. Therefore, multiple sessions Strengthen and Amplify the results of a single session. You can experience:

    • A Brighter Aura and glow to your being, which will draw to you, more Positive Radiant experiences
    • Greater Support, Cooperation and Appreciation from others for your ideas, efforts and dreams
    • Removal of deeper layers of karmic patterns, further catapulting you towards your Highest Destiny at an accelerated rate
    • Renewed and magnified Joy, Bliss and  Zest for Life
    • Increased Confidence, Creativity, Intelligence, Boldness and Clarity

Q: How do Holy Shaktipat Limpias work?

Holy Shaktipat Limpias are Prayers that disperse destructive forces that cause emotional, physical, mental and Spiritual distress of all types. With these unique and Amazing Holy Shaktipat Limpias, your tattered, burdened Aura is Strengthened and Infused with Light to Amplify your inner-Power and Light Essence, as Peace Mother Invokes the Protective Forces of the Universe to Defend and Heal you. Holy Shaktipat Limpias help you enJoy your Life and remain established in the Golden Virtues such as Wisdom, Faith, Compassion, Patience, Determination, Discernment, Balance, Harmony, Self Love, Self Respect and Peace.




Q: What happens during a Holy Shaktipat Limpia session?

During your Holy Shaktipat Limpia session, Peace Mother offers a Sacred Prayer to the Legions of Light on behalf of your Life, Light and Soul. During this Sacred Prayer, Peace Mother calls upon the many Compassionate Light Forces, by Their Sacred Names. The Compassionate Legions of Light respond by removing dark energies, negative karma, negative programming and psychic impressions from your mental, emotional, physical and Spiritual Body. Through Her Miraculous Healing Sound and Divine Intention, Magnificent Rays of Light are showered upon you. The shower of Light blasts out negative, limiting energies, so that previous pockets of darkness are replaced with Brilliant Light.

Q: How often should you have a Holy Shaktipat Limpia?

How often do you wish to take a quantum leap towards your Highest Destiny? Each session is equivalent to years of Spiritual Practices and the sessions are cumulative, so that each sessions clears more past Life programming. Each session establishes more layers of Light in your being: Strengthening you and filling you with Greater Serenity, Wisdom, Trust and Devotion to the Light. The number of Holy Shaktipat Limpia sessions needed depends on many factors such as:

  • How long the condition has pre-existed
  • How deep the thought or belief pattern is, holding the condition in place
  • How ready you are to let go of your suffering, pain and struggle
  • Very importantly, how much Faith do you have?

We invite you and EnCourage you to Gift your Self this shower of Grace and experience the Vast Power of your Divine Soul Light!

Q: How does one prepare for a Holy Shaktipat Limpia session?

Preparing for a Holy Shaktipat Limpia is an easy process. For the best results you should:

    • Present your Self with an open Mind and Great Faith
    • Get as Clear as possible on which areas in your Life you desire help with. Consider what you wish to have lifted, released, Healed or Transformed and what you desire to be Gifted with

Q: Do I have to see Peace Mother in person to receive a Holy Shaktipat Limpia?

No, you don’t have to be present in order to receive a Holy Shaktipat Limpia. Peace Mother often performs remote Holy Shaktipat Limpias for people in other states and countries. The Holy Shaktipat Limpias and consultation can be done in any of these ways:

      • Over the telephone
      • With a photograph of the recipient*
      • Through a written prayer request for the individual*
        *The photo or prayer request will be placed on Peace Mother’s Altar

All Healing Limpia sessions, including remote and online options, carry the Shakti of Divine Mother, and therefore are extremely Power-full. Many Miraculous results have occurred through remote and online Holy Shaktipat Limpias.



Q: How do Holy Shaktipat Limpias dissolve my Karma – past Life and current?

As the Holy Mother teaches, “Karma locks you into certain patterns of behavior, experiencing repetitive Life lessons and a feeling of lack of Sacred Choice. Yet, the Truth is you All Ways have Choice! With the help of Divine Grace, you can travel the direct Path to Happiness and Fulfillment, instead of remaining stuck on the much longer route full of pain-laden adventures. During a Holy Shaktipat Limpia, all of Peace Mother’s Spirit Guides, as well as your Angels and Spiritual Protectors, are called forth to scan your past and present karma as well as your Highest Destiny. The Divine Forces are petitioned to dissolve any negative, limiting karmic impressions – past Life, childhood or current. Through Divine Assistance, the Healing process of any condition, past or present, is sped up.

Karma can be burned up quickly by receiving Holy Shaktipat Limpias, allowing you to experience FREEDOM and a Life that is Soul-Satisfying and in accordance with the Golden Wisdom of the Universe. The ultimate purpose of each Holy Shaktipat Limpia is to help you reach your Highest Destiny (EnLightenment) in this Lifetime by dissolving karmic self-destructive patterns. By Liberating you from these chains, an opening is created for you so that:

      • All possible Good can be BESTOWED by the Compassionate Divine Forces
      • All possible Good can be RECEIVED by you

Q: How do Holy Shaktipat Limpias help in dissolving the discomfort that I am experiencing in my Life?

The Holy Mother has provided Excellent, Clear Teachings on the dynamics of discomfort and its causes: “Mayan Soul Retrieval Wisdom Teaches us that all dis-comfort in Life is caused by some degree of psychic attack…by one type of negative energy or another. Like most people, you may not realize how sensitive you Truly are. However, whether you are Conscious of it or not, at all times, you are picking up Vibrations from both Positive and negative forces that although unseen, are definitely around you. Negative forces ARE a fact of Life and no one can escape interaction with them! For example: if you were to leave all your doors open to your home, you would naturally attract various types of guests: some Positive, and some negative intruders. This is “natural”… it is to be expected…it is part of the package that goes along with leaving the doors open. In the same way, too often, your psychic doors ARE OPEN to unwanted negative forces. Unless you have learned to consistently and fully Protect your Self…you WILL pick up negative forces or energies throughout your daily travels and activities. Day after day, these sneaky negative energies keep accumulating, and as they add up, they form a dark cloud around you, obstructing your Good Luck, Health and Blessings. The experience of negative forces in your Life can range from slight dis-comfort to the feelings of being persecuted by absolute evil. Any shade of distress is a soul-disturbance and is considered ‘Spiritual torment’.”

No evil exists that is greater than Grace and Peace Mother is ONE with the Source of Grace. Crossing paths with a Pure Instrument, through which Divine Grace Flows in an unimpeded way, such as the Holy Mother, is a moment of Great Fortune. To actually have Her concentrate that Flow of Grace on your Aura and Life Force is the most marvelous Boon to your Soul. A Holy Shaktipat Limpia administered by a Master Soul Physician such as Peace Mother is a Life-altering, immense phenomenon.

Through contact with Her concentrated Sacred Flame, our own inner Light is intensified, driving out layers of inner darkness. The Holy Mother is able to see with the utmost Clarity, what we need to change in our Path, what Spiritual Practices we should do at each level of our Spiritual unfoldment. The combination of Wisdom Teachings and the Healing Power of the Holy Mother’s Prayers renews us, refreshes our point of view and re-directs us on our Soul Path. The busy, cluttered Mind becomes Aware of its Divine Nature, enabling us to tune in to our inner guidance. The transmission of Grace that occurs in a Holy Shaktipat Limpia fills us with Self Love, helping us live in Harmony with the Universal Spiritual Laws by making Positive choices.

Holy Shaktipat Limpias are known to help dissolve blockages and accelerate our karmic path. They help the Aura Strengthen and expand, which then opens the door to your highest Good. With the help of Holy Shaktipat Limpias, it becomes possible for you to receive Spiritual Gifts such as increased Vitality, Clarity, Prosperity, Love, Co-operation, Support, Success, Enthusiasm, Recognition, Balance, Strength, Courage, Patience, Wisdom, EnLightenment and PEACE in your Life!




Q: What are some of the signs that negative energies are present in my home or office?

Holy Mother reminds us, “Negative forces often torment individuals by taking up residence in their living or working space. Their malevolent presence then affects all aspects of your Life and Tranquility. Evidence of negative or evil forces can include:

  • Nightmares, insomnia, discomfort
  • Feeling of fear within the home or workplace
  • Dis-harmony, relationship difficulties, arguments
  • Illness, consistent bad luck, losses of any type, and lack of progress
  • Feeling of being watched, sensing a malevolent or harmful presence
  • Seeing shadows or figures darting (often from the corner of your eye)
  • Feeling fearful of the dark or in need of sleeping with a light on
  • Children reporting they see a ghost or ‘monster’ in their closet, under their bed or in certain areas

These forces are REAL, and definitely need to be dealt with in order to be removed or transformed.

Q: Can Holy Shaktipat Limpias be used for shamanic journeys, Spiritual initiation or past-Life insight?

Yes. The type of Holy Shaktipat Limpias Peace Mother Bestows have been used in many Spiritual cultures to Activate the Third Eye, opening a Portal to Higher Wisdom, Sacred Intelligence and Sacred Memory. Very importantly, the Mayan Spiritual Protectors are called forth to Protect you during the session, while the necessary portals are opened. This way, you can trance-journey in safety to the Higher Mysteries awaiting you. Since the Mind, Body and Spirit have been swept clean of imbalance and burdens, you can truly relax and go into a deep Spiritual state where the Higher Mysteries can be revealed.

During Holy Shaktipat Limpias, some people experience the following:

  • Seeing or hearing messages from their Spirit Guides or Animal Totems
  • Witnessing Vibrant colors, Light showers, rays, images, symbols or glyphs
  • Seeing Ancestors and receiving messages from Loved Ones on the Other Side
  • Flashes of past lives are shown and the Connection to this Lifetime revealed
  • One may travel to Mystical Sites, Temples or Celestial Realms.

Q: Can Holy Shaktipat Limpias be used for Kundalini Activation?

Yes, Kundalini Activation does occur from receiving a Holy Shaktipat Limpia. The Energy of the Universe is referred to as Kundalini Shakti in India’s Yogic Scriptures. Kundalini Shakti is the mysterious, dazzling Creative Power of the Universe that dwells within us, that must unfold in order for us to understand our Soul’s Journey and reach our Highest Destiny.

Kundalini, our Spiritual Creative Energy is often in a dormant or sluggish state and its activation is essential to our Greatest EmPowerment and Illumination. In order to progress Spiritually and to Heal ourselves, our Kundalini must be advanced.

With each Holy Shaktipat Limpia Activation, Kundalini Energy peels away the veils that block our Sacred Memory, revealing layers of the mysteries of the Universe and our Soul Path. Clarity, Inspiration, Strength and Self Knowledge are heightened, providing you a solid foundation from which to manifest your cherished goals.

Kundalini Activation through Holy Shaktipat Limpias will grant an immense Infusion of Light which can move your Kundalini from the lower chakras to the chakras of Higher Consciousness that Bestow lasting Happiness. After that, the expanded state of Awareness can be maintained through the Spiritual Practices and Tools recommended by the Impeccable Warrior of Light Path.

Q: Can Holy Shaktipat Limpias help with Shaktipat Light Activation?

Yes, Shaktipat Light Activation is possible through receiving Holy Shaktipat Limpias. The word Shaktipat refers to the Mystical Infusion of “Shakti” (Blazing Light and Life Force). A genuine Shaktipat Initiation has the Power to bathe you in Light, and in so doing, rouse your Spiritual Energy (Kundalini).

Once your Spiritual Energy (Kundalini) is Activated, it moves up through your chakras, advancing you Spiritually. Shaktipat Light Activation increases your Light Power and EmPowers your Soul to Accelerate its Expansion.

This Miraculous Soul Advancement helps you break Free of past energetic blocks that may have been in place for hundred, thousands or millions of your past Life incarnations. 
It also Accelerates the Blossoming of your Wisdom, Intuition and other Creative, Healing Gifts.

Even though there are Masters within other various Spiritual traditions, very few Masters on Earth are Kundalini Shaktipat Masters. The rare Holy Beings that have the gift of bestowing “Shaktipat” are able to Ignite the Light within us. Peace Mother is the Highest level of Master: one is able to Bestow Shaktipat through touch, look and sound.

Peace Mother is the Living embodiment of the Freedom Flame. Holy Shaktipat Light Activations will EmPower you so you can travel The Fast Track To Freedom from suffering and accelerated Success in all your cherished dreams.




Q: What results can be seen from Holy Shaktipat Light Activation?

Holy Mother’s Vibration and Sacred Prayers delivered through Holy Shaktipat Light Activation can:

  • Transform negative karma and open doors to your Highest Destiny
  • Remove trauma and harmful entities
  • Dissolve curses (negative programming), weakness and addictions
  • Boost the immune system, Chakras, Life Force and Energy flow
  • Strengthen your Auric field

 and Mystical Protective Shield for Mind, Body and Soul
  • Activate your inner Devotion, Clarity, Strength, Self-Love, Positive Magnetism, Prosperity, Healing Ability, Harmony, Peace and core Triumphant Power.

Q: How can I listen to Online Holy Shaktipat Limpia Sessions?

The software for listening to Online Holy Shaktipat Limpias is compatible with most desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.  For technical support or questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Receive a Holy Shaktipat Limpia from Peace Mother Today!


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