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Posted on Aug 22, 2014

How to Obtain Prosperity through Spiritual Practice

Q: Dear Holy Mother,

What my family and I really need is help with gaining more Spiritual Strength and Discipline. And to have more financial flow coming in. Although we all know we must focus on generating more income, it seems as if every one’s focus is on other things. I feel I am the only one concerned about our material security. Will this straighten out as we listen to the online Holy Shaktipat Limpias?

A: Yes, as layers are removed, a being is able to perceive in a Clearer Way, living in ways that are truer to their Light Essence. Spiritual Strength, Focus, Discipline are qualities that are cultivated. Through more showers of Grace and one’s Self-effort, the Light expands and the seeker is able to BE Courageous, Balanced, Wiser, more Disciplined. Your brother expressed to me that he longs to help out more financially, so perhaps you are not Aware of changes that are already taking place within your family.

Do the Work to help them evolve even faster, by writing prayer petitions, calling forth Wisdom, Balance, Self Love, Self Respect and Light for their Spirit. Call forth Mutual Cooperation, Mutual Support, Mutual Respect and Appreciation for the family. You must plant the seeds so the Light can Blossom. The seeds are your Loving ritual Work, your mantras, the Golden Merit you donate to their Soul Path. It takes time and effort, but like all worthy endeavors, if you invest the energy to till the field, later you can harvest the Beauty-full fruit. To Support the Grace Bestowed by the Holy Shaktipat Limpias, listen to the Mantras in the following albums:

*All Prosperity Mantras found in Prosperity Mantras: Opening The Doors To Infinite Blessings Prosperity Mantras Album Cover

*Kali Durge Namo Nama for protecting the Golden Seeds.

*Jai Jai Maa: Invoking The Blazing Light of Harmony to harmonize your family.