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Posted on Aug 22, 2014

Your Divine Assignment and How to Strengthen Your Dedication

A message from Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song:

As we apply repeated Determination, it becomes Dedication. There are many projects to be Dedicated to, and the Highest of these is your Eternal, Divine Assignment: The Expansion of your Light. When you Dedicate your Self to the expansion of your Light Essence, everything else that is part of your Highest Destiny will unfold in the Right Way, at the Right Time. As you Protect and maintain your Light at the Brightest Level, all Golden Virtues will Support you with the Perfect Intuition, Divine Guidance and mental, emotional, creative, physical and spiritual Blessings required to carry you to Success and Victory.

Do you Clearly see how important Dedication is to the manifestation of your Highest Destiny? Impeccable Warriors of Light maintain a constant Awareness that the steady expansion of your Light can only take place if you are sufficiently Protecting your Light. Defending your Light is an Honor and your Soul Duty. Yet, on the Path, we often forget that Radiant Spiritual Protection is the key to Radiant Soul Expansion and, therefore, the key to living a Radiant Life…we forget that we were born to live as Impeccable Warriors of Light. Living in such an amnesia, it is easy to allow oneSelf to accept sloppy, care-less, heavy, tainted, “un-conscious” thoughts and actions.

Pray to Valiantly walk your Life Path as an Impeccable Warrior of Light. If you walk with that image of your Self, you will be open to recognizing and transforming the areas of your Life which contain pockets of darkness that hamper your Divine Dedication to your Brightest Light.

Choose to stand up as an Impeccable Warrior of Light and petition your Spirit Guides for Assistance in Clearing out energies of Resistance to the Light. An Impeccable Warrior of Light is able to maintain an attitude of Zest and pour Dedication into all areas of their Life. They do not perceive their challenges as burdens. Like any Wise gardener, they greet each day and the work ahead with Sacred Enthusiasm about the Opportunity to contribute and co-create with the Universe.

EnJoy your Life as an Impeccable Warrior of Light by showering your work, play and relations with Dedication to the Light within all things. By choosing to Honor and promote the Light in all moments and things, you en-rich your attitude, EmPowering your Self to bring out an elevated attitude in others.

Now is the time to ask your Self: What is blocking your absolute commitment to Great Dedication? How can you increase Dedication to your Light expansion? The answer is by intensifying your commitment to uphold the other Golden Virtues, such as Joy, Patience, Gusto, Courage, Generosity and Devotion to the Light. This does not have to be a heavy undertaking. An easy way to Infuse your Self with Joy-full Golden Energy is to play the “Dancing In The Light” track in our Be Victorious Maa album and other Bliss-full, Light-sparking recordings we have created for your Light Expansion.

Another way to constantly energize your Soul and Mind Purification is by keeping company with The Impeccable Warrior of Light Teachings.

Keeping The Impeccable Warrior of Light book near you and referring to it often, naturally and constantly sparks more Light rays within you. The Impeccable Warrior of Light is not a book to read once and then put aside. With every passing day it will be more vital that you implement the Magnificent Wisdom to expand and maintain your Light Essence at Excellent levels. The Golden Jewel Teachings will Guide you in every situation, helping you press forward towards the achievement of your goals with Sterling Dedication.

You can do this…I have Faith in you to Amplify your Dedication today! Write me and share with our Impeccable Warrior of Light Community how you have enhanced your Dedication.

Endless Victories to Dedication…Endless Victories to your Light Essence and the Light everywhere!