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The Impeccable Warrior of Light Mantra: A Power-full Healing Affirmation

Affirm your alignment with the Legions and Masters of Light through the Impeccable Warrior of Light Mantra, a Positive and EmPowering, Healing Declaration:

“I AM an Impeccable Warrior of Light!”

This Joy-full Mantra sung by EnLightened Peace Shaman and Master Healer Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song allows your Soul to move quickly towards its Highest Destiny!  Playing, singing and repeating this Radiant Mantra invokes the Compassionate Light Forces around you to Bless, Support and Uplift you.  Over time, simple Positive Affirmations like this one can Transform your Life, creating Peace and Healing on many levels. The Soul rejoices in hearing and chanting this Sacred Mantra and these Sacred Sounds create an immediately Positive shift of the Energy within and around you.


Click to play:


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