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Posted on Apr 19, 2016

Impeccable Warrior of Light Wisdom: How do we respond when natural disasters strike?

Namaste Impeccable Warriors of Light,

Recently, an Impeccable Warrior of Light student wrote Peace Mother that she had a panic attack after seeing scenes of the Ecuador earthquake aftermath on the news.

Here is Peace Mother’s reply to her:


The panic attack you experienced is a common symptom that occurs in sensitive beings when we have large waves of suffering that take place on Earth. We feel the suffering of the many souls departing suddenly and the pain of their dear ones and although you may be thousands of miles away from the scene of an earthquake, flood, volcano eruption or war zone, the waves of sadness and fear generated by the event creates shock waves in the physical system. Your heart racing and the feeling of physical weakness is a reaction to the energy waves your body and soul were psychically registering.

This is another example of why it is so important for each being to have an arsenal of EnLightenment Tools, which we can implement immediately when our energy field registers a negative wave.

Use your Blessed Shaman’s Rattle to rattle around your body, to clear your energetic field of any debilitating vibrations.

Play the Protection Mantras to protect your Soul.

Sing Peace Songs such as those we have recorded: Love is the Answer, Freedom Anthem, Freedom Harmony and the English Peace Invocation. These Peace songs re-connect you with the Love-Wisdom of the Universe, and unify your fragmented energies so that you can return to a state of calm. It is vital that you replace fear and shock from your system with Peace. Only from a Peace-full state can we Trust that each Soul’s Path is unfolding in a Perfect Way, in accordance with their karma.

Take refuge in the Praises-Mantras that you offer the Universe and also offer them to all Souls involved in any suffering. Your Prayer-Offerings do reach them, so send them waves of Light, Songs, Mantras and Visions of them and their dear ones moving forward in Peace.

Our Spiritual Practices are essential to our Light Work. We MUST be Strong, Mighty, Heroic, Noble, Courageous….We are born to live as Impeccable Warriors of Light and our practices are the Tools that amplify our Luminous nature.

That which seems like tragedy and feels like calamity will test us and for this reason, we must be prepared for such tests. We are living in a cycle of Earth changes. Collectively, humanity has hurt Mother Earth, abusing Her and now, in order to purify Herself, She will shake and the waters do have to flow in order to wash away the layers of density that are blocking the Light.

If you do not feel you can be stronger, that is more the reason to exert yourself in chanting your Mantras and rattling over your energy.

I AM glad to hear you listened to a Holy Shaktipat Limpia and that this calmed you. Everyone who can, will benefit from the infusions of Grace that are bestowed through those Prayers. Continue with the Holy Shaktipat Limpia sessions, to strengthen your stance as a Mighty, Courageous, Trusting, Impeccable Warrior of Light. The Legions of Light are depending on YOUR waves of Love, Peace and Devotion and They will assist you. Increase your connection with Them… by doing so, you will experience an increased presence of Peace.

I, and every other EnLightened Master and Divine Protector, are with you, every step of your Soul Journey.