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Establish Unwavering Deep Inner Peace

Mountain of Peace

Soul Peace is the flow of Peace that emanates from deep within. Many of us are not used to feeling that Peace because we are caught up in the day to day struggles and sufferings of the world. With the Impeccable Warrior of Light Tools, Sacred Spiritual Practices, Divine Healing Services and Spiritual Protection Online Courses you will:

  • Align with the Eternal Peace that is All Ways within you
  • Experience that you ARE the Light
  • Reach your Highest Destiny by walking the Path of Light
  • Purely and Power-fully contribute to Peace around you
  • Experience more Joy, Enthusiasm, Inspiration and Faith

Meditation is vital on the Spiritual Path and one must dedicate a steady practice of meditation to quiet the every-busy mind to hear the voice of Spirit, Guiding you and instilling a deep unwavering inner Peace. Meditation assists by creating a space within us for Grace to flow into, which then opens the doors to further Divine Remedies and Knowledge. Meditation is Supremely important to cultivating Peace, as it does Purify the Mind and Heart, expanding our understanding of our-selves, and the Cosmos.

Quotes by Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song;

“The only Peace that matters is Inner Peace. When we are established in Inner Peace, we can radiate our Peace-full state to every being, environment and nation.”

“Peace is Contagious, as is negativity…so we must choose Wisely as to what vibration we desire to endorse and circulate. When we choose Peace over negative drama, we radiate the vibration of Peace to all sentient beings and all realities. Therefore, choose Peace dear ones…Choose Peace!”

“For there to be Peace we must live in the Sacred Temple of the Heart. This is the Key to Peace.”