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Posted on Jun 8, 2015

Meet Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song: Read Her Story, Feel Her Light

Author of The Impeccable Warrior of Light and the Shaman’s Art Journal: Self Healing and EnLightenment series, Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song is an International Mayan Peace Shaman, Spiritual Teacher and energy Healer. She is a Holy Medicine Woman donated by Spirit to Heal humanity and Mother Earth.

Her Holiness is an embodiment of the Divine Mother of the Universe and showers us with Love through Prayer Songs, Sacred Ceremonies and Teachings.

A Miraculous Being, She removes Shamanic Amnesia and mystically quickens our Spiritual essence. As an Impeccable Warrior of Light, Peace Mother is able to remove our pain and limitations, opening doors to our Highest Destiny!

A descendant of the Mayan and Huichol Native Traditions, Peace Mother was trained in Mayan Soul Retrieval Limpias and Sacred Ceremony by Don Jacinto Tzab, one of Mexico’s greatest Mayan Shamans. She travels the world, carrying on the Peace Shaman Work of Her Mayan Lineage.

She is a devotee of Gurumayi Chidvilasananda and credits Guru’s Grace for establishing within Her the Sacred Mantras of India. Peace Mother is gifted with the highest degree of healing sound and Her thunderous Prayer Songs and Light-charged Sacred Ceremony bring Healing Balance to all beings, the land, waters and sky.

Peace Mother’s Teachings help us create inner and outer Harmony. Calling upon the many traditions on Mother Earth to come together and work in Unity, She re-minds the world that all genuine paths lead to the Sacred Temple of the Heart.