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The IWOL Wisdom Language


Expanding Awareness

through the Power of Language


Throughout the Impeccable Warrior of Light (IWOL) website and within Peace Mother’s books and Teachings, many words are spelled or capitalized in what appears to be an unusual manner, e.g. All Ways, re-member or Beauty-Full.  The Purpose behind Peace Mother and IWOL’s unique spelling is to give Power and emphasis to the deeper meaning of words, especially those which are Sacred and Holy.

Words have a Life of their own, each emitting their own Energetic Vibration.  When read or experienced Consciously, Holy Words and Sacred Sounds bring a new level of Awareness to the reader, even if on a sub-Conscious level. Words carry within their letters the secrets of their fuller meaning.  For those who are able to receive this information, the Impeccable Warrior of Light EnLightenment Language reveals Sacred Truths and opens the door to fully experiencing the Deepest Wisdom and Sacred Knowledge.

As an EnLightened Master, Peace Mother Lovingly Honors the Sacred Spirit of each word, sound, and spelling She chooses to use. Her Holiness is aware that by opening our Minds and Hearts to Conscious, EnLightened communication, we loosen the chains of conditioning that enslave the Mind and keep us in the hypnotic trance. Therefore, we EnCourage you to read the Holy Mother’s Sacred Language with fresh eyes and an open Heart.  In so doing, you will receive all of the many Blessings contained therein.

May this Wisdom Language bestow upon you Radiant Revelations, Magnificent Freedom, and complete Soul Illumination!