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Posted on Dec 27, 2022

JAI JAI MAA Mantra | Create Triumph Protection, Devotion, EnLightenment

Jai Jai Maa, Ambe Maa, and Jai Jagadambe are all Holy Mantras that invoke Spiritual Protection and other Victories for the Light in your Life, and in all Creation.

Maa Jagadambe is the Luminous Positive Power that defeats evil, blocks negativity, heals, and transforms limited realities to shower you with Blessings. The sound of “Maa” is the eternal call of each Soul, as it longs to connect with the Compassion and Protection of the Mother of Light, the Divine Mother of the Multiverse.

Silently repeating, speaking, or singing these Sacred Mantras connects you with the Ever-Triumphant LIGHT, the Luminous Victory Power of the Universe.

Apply these Mantras to activate and amplify the Light in every cell, situation, condition, and moment, so you can emerge triumphant in every reality. Keep constant company with this Holy Invocation, to dissolve obstacles, blast away negative energies, and experience EmPowerment.

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