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Posted on Sep 1, 2015

Join Peace Mother in Singing Your Most Power-full Prayer Songs for Freedom

Divine Mother by Maryam Morrison Art

Blessings dear ones…as I see the violence that still resides in the Hearts of some beings, I AM moved to sing louder than ever: Jai Durge, Shree Durge! I have Faith that Divine Mother is showering Her Grace upon all beings, consuming evil with Her Brilliant Light. Knowing this, I EnVision and Invoke Freedom from suffering, for All beings…the oppressed and the oppressors.

Join me in Affirming that All beings are now Free of ugly energies. Let us EnVision that All beings are saturated in the state of One-ness that Connects us to All that Is, so we can All exist established in Compassion for Self and others.

I offer my song to Invoke Freedom for ALL and invite you to join me by singing your most Power-full Prayer-Songs. Jai Durge, Shree Durge! JAI JAI MAAAAAA! JAI JAI MAAAAAAAAAAAA!

~ Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song

Maa Durga Divine Mother Poster Impeccable Warrior of Light

Beauty-full Divine Mother artwork thanks to Maryam Morrison Arts!