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Posted on May 8, 2016

Jubilant Celebration for All Our Mothers

The word Mother has so many Beauty-full connotations: Love, Kindness, comfort, guidance, warmth, caring, and many more. Just hearing the word brings such an outpouring of emotion from our Heart! To celebrate the biological, familial, Spiritual and Divine Mothers, we have a special day, Mother’s Day, dedicated to these Amazing Women who have impacted our Life in so many Positive ways.

All Mothers are expressions of the Divine Mother Energy, our Cosmic Mother and the Giver of Life. Mothers come in many forms – and everyone has at least one. Upon hearing the word “mother”, most people think of their birth mother, who brought them into this Lifetime. There are stepmothers, godmothers, grandmothers, Mother Nature, mother figures, and our very special, Beloved Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song, who shares EnLightenment with all humankind and is an embodiment of the Divine Mother of the Universe.

Peace_Mother_Sowing_Peace_SeedsThe Many Ways We Can Honor Our Mothers

Every time we celebrate Mother’s Day, we Honor the Divine Mother of the Universe, the Mother Essence and Mother of all Mothers. She is our Cosmic Mother, the Creator of all things and the Divine Feminine Aspect. The Divine Energy that resides in Her also resides in all mothers, so by honoring the Inspiring mothers in your Life, you are paying homage to the Divine Mother of the Universe as well.

Divine Mother has so much Love for you! Omniscient and omnipresent, She is All Ways with you, ready to guide you in all your Bliss-full endeavors. Honor Her today by planting a Beauty-full flower or offering other flora in Her Name. You can chant and sing the names of Divine Mother, such as Kali, Durge, Gaia, Mother Mary, Tonantzin, Tara, and Quan Yin. As Impeccable Warriors of Light, celebrating the Divine Mother brings us closer to Her, connecting our Inner Self to the Source of All Things.

Honoring Our Birth Mother on Mother’s Day

Many families take their matriarchs out for a family brunch or dinner, giving her a Compassionate respite from daily responsibilities and an opportunity to enjoy the company of all her Loved ones. This Mother’s Day, take a moment to celebrate the mothers of your family in your own way by singing and dancing together. Shining your Inner Light with your birth mother, today and every day, is an experience to treasure for all Time.

The Joy of Mother Nature

Mother Nature is all around us, each and every day. As Mother Nature’s children, we have the Golden light on stone mountain slope with forestopportunity to care for Her garden here on Earth, Her Radiant Jewel Planet. Honoring Mother Nature is as easy as taking a walk in your neighborhood or nearby park. Admire Her Beauty, reflecting on the leaves, grass, flowers and all things connected within Mother Nature. Praise Her with your Grace-full words, coming from the Heart. She will hear them and be filled with Joy!

As we mentioned, there are many forms of Mothers that Bless us with their presence throughout our Lives. Godmothers, Grandmothers, Stepmothers, and Mother figures who care for us deeply and wish only to see us succeed in living a Radiant Life. Take a moment to show your Appreciation for these Magnificent Women with a phone call or visit, thanking them for all they do and are for you.

Peace Mother, our Spiritual Mother, is our Divine cheerleader and Highest Soul Supporter. She embodies all that is Sweet and Good in this world and generously shares Her Sacred Knowledge with us so that we can re-discover our Truest Self and reach our Brightest Destiny. Celebrate Her Blessings in your Life by smudging your home with Sacred Smoke. By cleansing your home of all negative energies, you embrace the Impeccable Warrior of Light within you, letting your own Luminous Soul freely shine. Peace Mother holds so much Love in Her Heart for you and wishes you Endless Victories in your Spiritual Journey!

Honor Thy Self!

If you are a mother, Vibrant Blessings to you on your special day! Take time to Honor your Divine Self today, embracing your Golden Light nature. You have given birth to a Soul or multiple Souls here on Earth, and all your Loving, Compassionate Ways are celebrated by your Spirit Guides and the Legions of Light! May you be Greatly Loved and Appreciated by those around you, for all you Self-lessly do for them. Your Noble Grace is All Ways seen and recognized by Spirit. Shake your Shamanic Healing Rattle or sing a Glory-us chant to raise your own Zest-full Vibrations, for you are an Impeccable Warrior of Light!

Incorporate Sacred Celebrations Every Day

Mother's DayLeading a Radiant Life by turning toward the Light, inviting Joy, Love and all the Wonder-full Blessings the Universe has to offer, is our Sacred Duty. Each way we choose to Honor our Mothers, from our Loving birth Mother to the Divine Mother of the Universe, is part of the Impeccable Warrior of Light Path. By celebrating this special day, we are Living a Rich, Profound, and Effervescent Life!

Mother’s Day may come once a year, but these Jubilant, Sacred Celebrations can be experienced every day of your Life. By celebrating your Inner Bliss and Light with family and friends, you can continue to cultivate Goodness in countless Zest-full Ways!

Happy Mother’s Day!

With waves of Joy-us Peace and Positive Power,

The IWOL Global Peace Team
On behalf of Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song

P.S. Continue the Celestial celebration by joining us on social media, where we are cultivating Goodness throughout the month of May! #CultivateGoodness