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Posted on Jun 24, 2014

Karmic Resentment Demon is released!

Blessings and Love Dear Peace Mother! 

I have begun my online Holy Shaktipat Limpia series and here are my experiences with the first 2 Gracious Shaktipat Limpia sessions:

First Holy Shaktipat Limpia: I began smudging the room with Copal as the Shaktipat Limpia Prayer was playing.  At one point, I started to spin and turn around with the Sacred Copal resin and shell in my hand.  The spinning continued and for a moment, I was worried about getting dizzy, but I felt guided and supported by invisible Beings as I spun faster and faster.  At some point I raised my hands to the Heavens and I felt a thickness lift from the ground up to the Sky.  I then slowed down and sat for the rest of the Holy Shaktipat Limpia Prayer.  After the Shaktipat Limpia finished I slept for several hours.  I awoke with my body feeling more energetic and healthy, confirming that some Loving, Divine Healing had taken place.

Second Limpia: Today I was sitting during the session and there was more of a calm, still Clarity that came with this Shaktipat Limpia. Early this morning, when my husband was playing his music that I find negative and irritating, I went and rattled at my altar with the IWOL Shaman’s Rattle and a shell fell off! You had told me that anytime a seed pod broke, it was a sign that a dark layer was dissolved, so I celebrated that sign of release…Yay!! Jai Jai Maaaa!!

Later in the day, I experienced a little bit of anger in the afternoon while I was strongly discussing with my husband the playing of uplifting music, versus popular music in our house. At one point, in the name of compromise, I gave in to his insistence of playing popular music in our main living area, but I immediately felt it wasn’t the right energy for the space and changed the music to Mantras. It felt good that I was Consciously choosing to hear Your Mantras, and I was enjoying this Wonder-full music as I began cooking dinner. Suddenly, I felt a demon of Resentment arise within me, one that I had held for years and that had been quite deep in my body.  Through Your Grace, it was quickly dissipated and upon it being lifted from me, I started crying having felt the Love and Blessings of this amazing, Healing Gift.  So there I was, stirring and shedding tears of Joy while cooking dinner!  Many thanks, Blessings upon Blessings, and tsunamis of Love to You Holy Mother!!! JAI JAI MAAAAA!

~An Impeccable Warrior of Light, USA

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