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Posted on Jul 14, 2016

Lifting the Illusion of Fatigue

Everyday more and more people are discovering the vast Blessings of the Compassionate Universe by walking the path of the Impeccable Warrior of Light. Here is a letter we received that is so Inspirational, we had to share it with you!

Dear Peace Mother,

The other day, due to various factors I wasn’t able to rest at the time I thought would be ideal. In the morning I had to take my daughter to school at an early hour, and so I chose to apply Your Impeccable Warrior of Light Teaching to “Make everything work for you through the Power of the Golden Mind.”

I re-called Your Wisdom Teachings about how Power-full our Golden Minds are. You often say we should never feel we are a victim (of circumstance or of Life), for we All Ways have the Power of choice. When faced with something seemingly unpleasant, we can use the Power of our Golden Mind to shift the situation simply by changing our perspective.

For example, instead of perceiving a project as a burden or heavy obligation, we could see it as a Golden opportunity to complete it while emanating Vast Love and Joy. In doing so, we not only make Life more enJoyable, but we “EnLighten” ourselves by becoming Masters of our mind and perspectives. Additionally, by aligning with the Golden Perspectives, we emanate this uplifting vibration to all beings and help them raise their Awareness and state of existence.

In this instance, to apply this Teaching I declared to the Universe, “By the Power of Golden Mind, I affirm that I receive the Perfect amount of sleep and wake up refreshed as if I had double the hours in rest.”

I played Your Holy Shaktipat Limpia Prayer as I fell asleep, which quickly moved me into a state of deep relaxation. In the morning, when my alarm went off, I arose and discovered that my body felt light and refreshed. Previously, with this amount of sleep my body would have felt stiff and my mind cranky… but not this time!

I am continually impressed at the Profound Power of your Holy Shaktipat Limpias and the expansion of Consciousness activated by the Impeccable Warrior of Light Teachings. Luminous Appreciation to You for Compassionately making all these Luminous Tools available!


~ An Impeccable Warrior of Light, USA

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