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Posted on Oct 22, 2010

Lightworkers Shamanic Training Intensive, Yucatan Mexico, March 2011

10 days and 9 nights of Intensive Training at the Mayan Pyramid sites will awaken ancient memories of the Healing Work you have already done in past lives!

Participate in ancient Ceremonies surrounded by the Mayan Pyramids. Illuminate the healer within you! Peace Mother will bestow upon you special Mayan Light Activations that will open up and amplify your healing abilities and shamanic/yogic powers.

Sacred Peace Center is now Impeccable Warrior of Light

Holy Shaktipat Limpias (Soul Retrieval Limpias) –

Shaman’s Store-
Sacred Music and Mantras-

Shamanic Healing Rattle –

Shaman’s Art Journal Series, A Guide to Peace, Healing and Enlightenment –


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