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Posted on Dec 30, 2014

The Masters Succeed by Calling Upon Grace

Cross at Mount Kazbek


Blessings dear Peace Mother,

A short while ago I found myself under “psychic attack:” I was physically sick with a stomach issue, had very low energy, and negative thoughts were pummeling my head with stress, anger, frustration and other propaganda.

Fortunately, I had enough Grace to support me on many levels, so I recovered quickly.  First of all, Your Power-full Holy Shaktipat Limpia Prayers were a Vital Tool to help me move through, and clear the negative energies.

Furthermore, one of Your Golden Teachings helped sustain my motivation…in Your book, The Impeccable Warrior of Light: Mantras and Rituals for Spiritual Protection, You state that all EnLightened Masters are able to go through hardship and emerge Triumphant by continually cultivating Grace.

With the support of the Holy Shaktipat Limpias and the Power of Your Grace, even while under the psychic attack, I was able to continue the Sacred Spiritual Protection Practices You teach.  These Holy Tools include smudging, self-Clearing, Prayer Work and Sacred Ceremony. While the attack took place, I practiced these techniques daily and more Zest-fully in order to continue cultivating Grace and Divine Healing Power.

Now having emerged Stronger and Wiser from this experience, I am ever Great-full to You, Divine Mother for making available these Sacred Teachings and Tools that can Heal and transform our lives so profoundly, no matter what situation we are facing.

Thank You Peace Mother for showing me how to cultivate Grace!  My Soul Light thanks You for being an Impeccable embodiment of the Divine Love, Infinite Compassion, and Vast Healing Power of the Universe!

~Impeccable Warrior of Light, USA