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Medical Disclaimer

The Energy Healing services provided by Impeccable Warrior of Light have been used by Shamans, Healers and yogis for eons to create Spiritual shifts provided by the Holy Spirit. What happens and how it unfolds will be due to a dynamic between the person and their Spirit. Therefore, we do not make any promises. Instead we share what our services have done for others and can do, if it is the will of Grace.

We do not claim in any way that our services are a substitute for conventional medical treatment and medications. We do not make decisions for others and recommend each person make their own decisions as to what to incorporate and how to incorporate treatments for their conditions.

As with all forms of healthcare, individual results vary and are not 100% guaranteed, since every individual’s results are determined by his or her personal motivation and desire to Heal, grow and triumph.

Though very rare, it is possible some people may experience detoxification-type symptoms during or after a session.

Any and all information exchanged relating to a treatment is educational in nature and is intended to help the person become more familiar with the Impeccable Warrior Of Light Path and their own state. We are not responsible as to how each person translates the Teachings or exercises given, or how they implement Shamanic or yogic techniques. Each person’s actions are subject to their own discretion.

To the fullest extent permissible pursuant to applicable law, neither the author nor any other parties who have been involved in the creation, preparation, printing, or delivering of this website assume responsibility for the completeness, timeliness, errors or omissions of said information and assume no liability for any direct, incidental, consequential, indirect, or punitive damages as well as any circumstance for any complication, injuries, side effects or accidents to person or property arising from or in connection with the use or reliance upon any information contained herein.