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Posted on Aug 22, 2014

My Heart is Now More Open, Pure, and Loving

From Our Mailbox:

“During a Holy Shaktipat Limpia session last week, I held the intention for an expansion of my Heart and for an opening of its doors and paths.

As I held this intention, repeating this Affirmation: My Heart is open, Pure and Loving…An image of Divine Mother in the form of Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared, over a flesh and blood Heart in the chest cavity. The image slowly backed into the Heart and faded into it. Her Image was static, meaning that She was not moving…imagine a picture of Her rather than Her flesh there. This image repeated itSelf for about four or five times.

After this took place, I definitely felt more Loving in my interactions that week and it was most notable in the sessions with my clients. The flow between us was LightHearted, Honest and Sincere, which left me with the feeling that the clients and I Greatly benefited from our encounter.

In deep Appreciation, I thank You for Your Compassionate Prayers that help me realize my full potential in every area of my Life.”

~An Impeccable Warrior of Light, USA

You Become What You Practice Daily

“Dear Titta,

Regarding your message that you desire to be part of the Impeccable Warrior of Light Army of Healers:

The way to become an Impeccable Warrior of Light is to continue to work with the Sacred Tools in a disciplined, steady way. By being consistent you will expand your inner Power, Confidence and Connection to your Spirit Guides. What you hold in your focus as a Heart-Desire, you can manifest.

Align with the Impeccable Warrior of Light Teachings in a Consistent, Loyal, Faith-full way…put them into action in every situation. After doing this often enough, one day you will realize you have become an un-shakeable and Impeccable Warrior of Light who is fully established in the necessary Radiant Strength, Wisdom and Compassion to help those around you. You become that which you practice every day. So maintain absolute Dedication to your Golden Goal and intensify your Spiritual practices every day, so you can generate an Ocean of Divine Blessings that will flood your Life to Support you in reaching your Highest Destiny.

Infinite Golden Victories to you!


~ Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song