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Posted on Jul 4, 2014

Mystical Protective Shield: Clearing, Protection, and Victory Dance Mantras

Install the Mystical Protective Shield around your Self, living or working space, automobile, land, etc. This Ancient Sacred Mantra commands all negative forces to leave you in Peace, return to Divine Source and become Instruments for Good. Peace Mother’s Grace-full vocals Cleanse the listener and space of limiting energies, Infusing you and all beings with Greater Fearlessness, Faith, Stability and Spiritual Security.

This Sacred Album and all products from the Shaman’s store are Blessed by the Holy Mother, Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song and therefore carry Her Shakti and Her Power-full Intentions for the Healing and Upliftment of all Humanity.

Physical CD will feature original album artwork, which differs from album artwork shown here.

$25 – CD format Add To Cart

$21 – Digital download Add To Cart

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Audio Samples:

01 – Rest Sleep Meditation

02 – Soothing Peaceful State

03 – High Action Version

04 – Power Dance Version



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