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Posted on Dec 29, 2017

In the News: Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song Publishes Zen: Deep Peace

Namaste, Impeccable Warriors of Light!

We are overjoyed to announce the release of Zen: Deep Peace, now available on these platforms:

Apple iTunes, Barnes & Noble Nook and Amazon Kindle

In Zen, Deep Peace, Peace Mother imparts shamanic wisdom on how to cultivate deep states of inner Peace and what you can do to overcome the challenges in achieving the state of Zen in your daily life. In this illuminating book, the Holy Mother shows you how Deep Peace is possible, regardless of your worldly conditions. Peace Mother’s Life-transforming Teachings include easy, yet potent exercises that will help you maintain consistent inner stillness by connecting with the divine flow of Grace.

Holy Mother’s examples of moments in Her own spiritual journey where Her commitment to Peace was tested will inspire you to transform pain, hardship, grief and dilemmas into Golden Strength. As Peace Mother deepens your understanding of the Golden Universal Laws and Divine nature of all existence, solace arises in knowing that the trials you face are simply there to propel your Soul expansion.

The accompanying Light Activation Artwork emanates a vibrational frequency that supports your Soul’s quest to cultivate unwavering stillness. Connecting with the vivid imagery of the included Sacred Artwork activates the Peaceful vibrations within you to heal negative emotions and free you of limiting beliefs.

 With the uplifting Teachings, meditations and contemplations found in Zen, Deep Peace, you can experience the holy fountain of Deep Peace within you that blesses your life in countless ways and become more aware of how to flow this Deep Peace vibration into your world to infuse every being and every moment with tranquility.

As you implement the sacred perspectives and practices revealed, such as viewing your mundane duties as Seva (Sacred Service to the Light), you expand your awareness of your own potential to shape the Universe in the most Golden Way. Through Spiritual Teachings on time-management, dissolving stress, and your Divine Power to shift realities, you will gain supremely effective Sacred Tools that EmPower you to surf the waves of Life’s activities with Grace, Dignity and Deep Peace.

In Zen, Deep Peace Peace Mother’s spiritual guidance opens your eyes to greater self-understanding and reveals how to saturate your mind in the Golden Essence of the Universe. Learn how Maya, the Cosmic Force that creates illusion and delusion, blocks you from enjoying constant Peace. Discover the vast creative and spiritual power within you to break free of Maya’s energies that attempt to disrupt your inner and outer Deep Peace. Peace Mother also includes exercises that you can use to help others receive peace, healing and enlightenment.

Peace is always available to you! To live this reality, dive into the Ocean of healing and enlightenment found in Zen, Deep Peace today!

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