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Posted on May 19, 2015

Offering Seva: A Testimonial

Shower you with graceBlessings dear Peace Mother,

Thank You for allowing me to offer Seva to honor Your Sacred Mission.  Through Your Grace and the Impeccable Warrior of Light Training Teachings You offer, I have become Aware of times throughout the day when my “monkey mind” takes over, pulling me away from my state of Light, Happiness, Joy and Peace.

It is now much easier to discern which mental patterns are not based in my true nature and to remain awake to the reality that I wish to transform  all limiting patterns! With the Awareness Tools you provide, I am able to recognize negative thoughts and debilitating emotional patterns. I can also sense obstructive energies emanating from other people or places.

Once I have become Aware of the negative force/thought/energy, I implement the Impeccable Warrior of Light Tools to dissolve it, and as per your Teachings, replace it with a Brighter, Higher reality.

As I continue these practices, I find my mind is calmer and steadier.  I remain more Present throughout each day and have noticed that my memory has improved!  It is now natural for me to stay focused on conversations and easily recall vital details discussed and agreed upon. This is an unexpected benefit I have received from Seva, but as You may imagine it comes in very handy!

Thank You Peace Mother and the Golden Peace Team for Your showers of Blessings and for supporting me so Compassionately in my Spiritual journey.

With Vast Waves of Love and Appreciation,

~An Impeccable Warrior of Light, USA

Find out how you, too, can offer Seva and honor Her Holiness and the Global Peace Team on their Sacred Mission.

Love and Light,
~The Global Peace Team