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A thank you message

Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song Thanks You For Your Donations, Part 1

Peace Mother shares how the non-profit A Center For Peace and Healing / Impeccable...
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River Healing Ceremony status cover

Violet Light & Kali Durge Mantra Shielded Our River Ceremony From Dark Forces

Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song is an international Peace Shaman, EnLight...
Happy Life cover

Laugh, “Lighten-Up” & Live Your Happiest Destiny! Peace Mother Showers You With Love & Encouragement

Peace Mother showers you with Love and EnCouragement to live Your Greate...
Protect Your Energy cover

Energy Vampires: Who Is Stealing Your Energy? Energetic Defense Against Energetic Invasion

Peace Mother speaks about energy vampires and the sacred science of Ener...
Light or Evil cover

Two Wolves Fighting For Power: Who Wins The Battle For The Soul?

Peace Mother shares the story of a fight between two wolves within you, ...