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Posted on Nov 26, 2014

Deep Pain Relieved with IWOL Blessed Shree Lakshmi and Durga Yantras


Blheart shape of fresh berriesessings dear Peace Mother,

Thank You for providing Training on Divine Sacred Tools such as the Shree Durga and Lakshmi Blessed Yantras! I was experiencing deep pain in my body and was Guided to read Your book, The Impeccable Warrior of Light. Immediately upon opening the book, I read about the Power of Yantras.

In The Impeccable Warrior of Light book You impart Teachings about the Healing Powers of Yantras and Sacred Ways to use them. Synchronistically, I had purchased some Yantras from the Impeccable Warrior of Light e-store and so, I was able to put them to use immediately!

While using the Yantras, the area of my body that was aching with deep pain softened and I noticed a Light tingle sensation. I can see that my Intuition has alerted me about the need to use my Yantras regularly to completely Heal this area of my body.

Thank You for providing Sacred Teachings and Tools that Support my Healing and EnLightenment.

~Impeccable Warrior of Light, NV, USA

Shree Lakshmi Yantra

Blessed Shree Lakshmi Yantra