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Posted on Feb 19, 2017

Podcast Episode 4 ~ Peace Mother on The Shaman’s Art Journal: A Guide to Self Healing and EnLightenment

In this podcast Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song answers the question, “What can people expect from The Shaman’s Art Journal: A Guide to Self Healing and EnLightenment?” The Holy Mother speaks about the 30-book series which contains Light Activation Spirit paintings and Wisdom Teachings that support you on your Spiritual Path.

Peace Mother relates how this series prepares you to walk your Sacred Journey on Earth successfully, by providing Clarity and Wisdom that enables you to live in Peace, release the painful past and embrace the future. She describes how the series helps you hear the voice of Spirit and how attention to Spirit Guidance is what your Soul longs to do.

The Shaman’s Art Journal series is about Self Healing, and in this interview Holy Mother details the Sacred Ways each book bestows tools and training to Heal every aspect of your life so you can become a unified, Loving force of Luminous Energy.

Using examples from Her own journey to EnLightenment, Peace Mother describes the process of Soul Evolution and what your Soul needs in order to relate to Life and all your relationships in Wise, meaningful ways.

Tune in to learn more about how the paintings and Wisdom Teachings activate and expand the Light within your Soul. By listening to any of the Holy Mother’s Wisdom Teachings you will experience a shower of Blessings that empowers you to create a Life of Triumphant Self Healing, EnLightenment and Harmonious relationships!

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